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Employee Spotlight: Floyd Clifford Godfrey

“The best advice I’ve given? Never burn bridges, always think from others’ perspectives; I think that’s been my one go-to since I’ve been very young. Sometimes you have to take yourself out of your own shoes to put yourself in somebody else’s to understand where they’re coming from.”  – Floyd Clifford Godfrey

Everyone probably deserves a little extra recognition these difficult days, but some people really exemplify what the Mitratech team is all about. So right now, we’d like to shine a spotlight on Floyd Clifford Godfrey.

Some of what sets him apart?  Not only has Cliff lived in many, many cities, he’s done a variety of jobs, from working in nonprofits to working in Congress. Yes, we’re serious. Plus, he’s spent some time studying in Istanbul and he graduated high school at the age of only fifteen!

His passion has always been around technology and the betterment of humanity in general – Cliff believes we choose how we use technology. Some people use it for malicious intent, others for good. He’s always been interested in how we utilize that within our community and how we can promote and support each other instead of bringing each other down.

Fittingly, Cliff is a Web Administrator II, creating and maintaining our software configuration management system, automating software deployment and monitoring, and other tasks that help clients enjoy stable and secure technology environments. So basically, he’s a rockstar at Mitratech.

Cliff came to Mitratech through an acquisition in 2016. Naturally, we wanted to know what he loves most about being at Mitratech, and what’s made his experience unique.

Legal Reimagined: Conquering Today’s Challenges with Tomorrow’s Technology

“I’ve made some of my best friends here, and found some mentors as well. I’ve learned a lot from people here,” he says.  “I think that is probably the most awesome thing about Mitratech – the people that I’ve met and gotten to know, and growing not just in terms of my career, but personally as well. So it’s basically the people, but it’s also the passion around the products, the passion around working. I think it’s just the culture within itself that has really kept me around.”

A passion for learning and building connections

Another favorite part about working at Mitratech goes beyond his coworkers, to include clients and partners too; essentially, the whole ecosystem we support. He’s made some of his best friends and mentors during his time here, and learned a lot from co-workers and clients alike. He’s always had a passion for learning, and he continues to grow and contribute to our customers, as well as to the overall community at Mitratech.

While we love hearing this, we wanted to know what he would do if he were the CEO. Given his career background, the answer shouldn’t surprise anyone.

“CEOs should be involved with the community, and particularly involved with non-profit organizations,” he says.  “I think the software that we have at Mitratech can be well utilized within these organizations. I think helping them out would strengthen our relationships with the community, and I imagine that would be my main focus and goal.”

Mitratech is lucky to have Cliff around, and it’s why he’s featured right now on the Our Team page.   We can’t wait to see what the future holds for him as part of the Mitratech community.

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