TAP in the News: Want to Transform Legal Ops
TAP in the News: Want to Transform Legal Ops

KYL + NetApp’s Transformation Story Gets Profiled in Attorney At Work

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When a legal services provider becomes an innovation partner for its clients, the results can be transformative for everyone involved.

The details of how that played out between Keesal, Young & Logan and NetApp, and how it benefitted both sides, are the subjects of a profile by Attorney At Work. And, as the workflow automation provider that contributed to that partnership, we at Mitratech were front-and-center in seeing how KYL and NetApp’s vision was put into practice via award-winning execution.

The article’s title, “How a 50-Lawyer Shop Became NetApp’s Go-To Law Firm,” gives away the big benefit to KYL that came from taking a unique approach to client service that differentiated them from other outside counsel.

What was their strategy? They took the lead in advocating the use of legal technology to solve NetApp’s challenges.

As Justin Hectus, KYL’s CIO/CISO explains in the article, “It’s a good example of how the walls are dissolving and traditional roles are shifting. That can be really challenging, but it also creates new opportunities.”

In this case, the pilot application of workflow automation (using our TAP solution) led to it being used to automate no less than 140 workflows, moving outside the legal department to include finance, human resources, and marketing.

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What steps can turn vision into reality?

The article also delves into what Connie Brenton, NetApp’s chief of staff and senior director of Legal Operations, and Emily Teuben, NetApp’s senior legal operations manager, had to share in their keynote at the recent Legal Tech West conference. Recognized pioneers in legal tech innovation, they offered grounded advice on how legal departments and law firms could actualize digital transformation.

One key point they made? That 80% of the end-to-end service delivery is about the process. So Legal Ops departments need to be considering technologies to help them improve those processes.  And, no less importantly, they should also focus on identifying the right partners to help them implement those tools.

There’s much more to learn in the article, including tips from Justin Hectus for law firms who’d like to emulate KYL’s example and gain the agility and edge they need to compete against “the big guys,” as he puts it.  From our perch? We can attest to the fact it’s been a winning formula for everyone involved.

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