Timely Legal Tech Stack Insights Were On Tap at CLOC 2021

What are the trends that have impacted legal operations over the past year? What will legal leaders be considering as part of their strategic planning process for the future legal ecosystems?

To answer those questions?  Steven O’Donnell, Director of Product Marketing and Sales Enablement at Mitratech, hosted a sponsor session at this year’s CLOC Global Institute featuring three Legal Ops experts: Justin Hectus, CIO at KP Labs and CIO/CISO at Keesal, Young & Logan, and Justin Silverman, SVP Product Strategy and Product Management at Mitratech, were joined by Brian McGovern, General Manager, Workflow Solutions at Mitratech.

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Here’s a very small glimpse into what they discussed around technology, analytics, and human expertise. Just one topic?  Remote work and hybrid work environments are becoming a part of the new normal, so the panel took a hard look at how this affects diversity, employee happiness, and technology decisions that will impact the future of the corporate legal ecosystem.

That’s only one area where these blue-chip legal tech experts shared their POVs.  Just some of what they said?

“In terms of enabling remote work..in the workflow automation component, there’s so much opportunity there to drive efficiency, to drive better data, to limit mistakes, to drive more transparency – the tools are there to do it, it’s just a question of driving adoption.

“There’s this idea of moving from analytics around structured data to the ability to do analytics around unstructured data – which is what AI enables. Or looking at structured data, such as time to complete a contract, to combining that with ‘what are the terms that I’m working with?’ you now have some analytics around that unstructured data.”

Justin Silverman

“One of our clients found that they can double the longevity of their employees if they support mobility. Remote work gives you access to a broader array of people and it keeps people happier.

“Often bringing in a fresh set of eyes, a different perspective can give you very clear feedback and bring in insights from other companies and even other industries. That’s a helpful thing – that’s why consultants are in demand. But you can also get those different perspectives internally. We’ve seen some of our clients, when they develop a culture that appreciates transparent feedback and appreciates and uplifts dissent, that agitation or tension can sometimes deliver a much better result. It’s not just about experience and expertise, sometimes it’s about that parallax view that can really improve a process.”

Justin Hectus

Watch the entire session for even more legal tech insights

As happens every time we attend CLOC, we had the privilege of participating in a highly stimulating session. It’s full of rich insights, and ranges well beyond what we’ve just whetted your appetite with!  So use the link below to access our “Justin Time” CLOC confab.

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