See how TD SYNNEX leveraged TeamConnect + TAP to save time and create a single, scalable source of organizational truth.

Following a merger between the companies once known as Tech Data and Synnex, TD SYNNEX emerged as one of the market’s largest IT distributors, uniquely positioned to serve partners and vendors with a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions, and service offerings. But to keep up with the level of growth its organization was experiencing — both organically and as a result of the merger —  the enterprise realized the need for a scalable, configurable matter management solution. 

With Mitratech’s TeamConnect — underpinned by TAP’s intuitive workflow automation — TD SYNNEX was able to automate litigation report upkeep, saving their team time by reducing the need for manual data entry and mitigating the risk associated with version control concerns.

Download the full TD SYNNEX story to see how the IT leader:

  • Enhanced data visibility and reduced validation concerns in TeamConnect’s controlled, centralized platform
  • Cut turnaround time and increase responsiveness by automating and streamlining the request intake process
  • Leveraged in-process analytics to drive better data-driven decisions with Mitratech’s reporting capabilities

Extend the Power of TeamConnect

Discover the TeamConnect + TAP Workflow Automation Integration for Accelerated Time-to-Value.