A Message from Continuity’s CEO

The Mitratech Team |

Greetings to all Continuity Clients:

First and foremost I want to thank you again for the continued support and collaborative relationship with Continuity and our team over the years. You are our most important stakeholders and your success is our success.

My guess is that you have been inundated with email and social media regarding the COVID 19 virus. So I won’t add to that information overload in this communication. As with most life altering events, there is a flood of information. Some good and some not so good. Those of you who participated in our free Pandemic Risk Management Webinar and/or have taken advantage of the no cost access to our Pandemic Risk Assessment are in good shape to handle this current situation.

That being said, my communications with you today is to reinforce three important facts.

First, Continuity as your Risk and Compliance management partner is in sound financial condition. In addition, the deeply experienced Continuity management team has navigated through numerous financial market ups and downs throughout their extensive careers and will confidently navigate Continuity through this period of uncertainty.

Second, market dynamics are directly impacting your business such as the 50 basis point interest rate reduction by the Federal Reserve. We are positioned to help guide you through this period of increased risk brought on by tighter net interest margins. Continuity’s investment via the acquisition of TraceRisk and its enterprise risk management platform (now the Continuity RiskAdvisor product line) last September allows us to provide you with critical risk assessment tools (such as the aforementioned Pandemic Risk Assessment) which enhance and compliment our comprehensive Compliance platform. We hope you will reach out to us to explore the breadth of our risk solution as well as the accompanying subject matter professional services as the pressure increases on your institutions to delve deeper into risk assessment.

Third, market volatility has us enhancing and further investing in our risk management product set. Unlike some providers whose financial sponsors will be more focused on portfolio liquidity, Continuity is focused exclusively on making sure you have the tools you need to deal with the current challenges, regardless of how long they may last. To that extent, our investment in products and services continues.

Again, I thank you for your patronage. We are prepared and ready to help you deal with the challenges which lie ahead. We will get through this together.

Wishing you all good health,

Michael D. Nicastro
Chief Executive Officer
Office: 866-631-5556
Mobile: 860-202-0348