A Virtual Summit with Legal Ops pioneers and experts • Watch now!

COVID-19 has challenged companies and their legal departments in unprecedented ways. Without your expertise as a Legal Ops professional when it comes to the people, processes, and technology needed to ensure continued collaboration, the legal ecosystem could literally break down overnight.

The Legal Ops community is going to lead the way out of this crisis, stronger and more unified than ever. This virtual summit gathered outstanding industry experts alongside professionals like you to share strategies for strengthening business continuity – now and in the post-pandemic future.  Legal Ops is at the center of it, so enjoy our recordings of this important online event.

What’s on tap in these videos?

  • Legal Ops luminaries and pioneers discuss the impacts of COVID-19.
  • See how Legal Operations teams are leading the way right now in maintaining business continuity for the entire legal ecosystem.
  • Learn to drive Business Continuity Transformation™ in order to evolve and expand an enterprise’s future capacity to continue Business-As-Usual during crises and disruptions.

The agenda

Summit keynote: Leading Through Change

Mike Williams, CEO of Mitratech, will open the conference with his remarks and will then be joined by Gary Tully, Head of Legal Operations at Gilead Sciences, where bioscience research is underway on COVID-19.

First Session: Applying Lean Processes During Constant Change With a Remote Workforce: How WFA Can Help Teams in Times of Significant Upheaval

Brian McGovern, General Manager, Workflow Solutions and Matt Rygler, Global Strategic Account Manager at Mitratech demonstrate how combining Lean Sigma Six practices and workflow automation allows Legal Ops (and other stakeholders and departments) the agility and efficiency needed to maintain business continuity.

Second Session: The Importance of Legal Operations to Business Continuity

Moderated by Steven O’Donnell, Head of Product Marketing – Legal Operations at Mitratech, this panel includes Mike Russell, Lean Leader – Legal Operations at Trane Technologies, Katrina Keiffer, Associate Director, Legal Operations at Navistar, and Andy Cooper, Manager – Legal Operations at IDEXX.  They’ll discuss how Legal Ops is a backbone of business continuity, and how its pioneering of new tools and processes can help the rest of the organization become better equipped against future disruption.

Third Session: Legal Operations 2.0 – Accelerating the Move to the Law Department of the Future

The current crisis is driving law departments to accelerate their efforts to achieve best in class status. In this session, the always energetic and imaginative Kevin Clem, HBR Consulting Chief Commercial Officer, will share perspectives and lead an engaging discussion on how legal operations leaders can champion the efforts towards achieving a more agile, value-centric, and tech-enabled law department.

Closing Session: Fireside Chat: Looking Past Pandemic

Justin Hectus, CIO of Keesal Propulsion Labs, sits down to interview a true Legal Ops pioneer, Connie Brenton, Chief of Staff/Senior Director of Legal Operations at NetApp, as she answers questions and shares her vision of how the Legal Ops community will help companies not just survive this uncertain time, but help drive Business Continuity Transformation in the years to come.

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