Data Inventory and Recertification Request (KPL)

GDPR Article 30 requires companies produce records of processing activities to prove compliance to regulators. With TAP Workflow Automation, it’s easy to compile this information through parallel workstreams that operate at automated and approved intervals.


Organize and orchestrate a process by which data from SMEs, legal review, and inquiry is tracked, compiled, and bundled, ensuring compliance with GDPR Article 30 and guaranteeing recertification.


  • Self-service online forms are easily deployed and contain embedded business logic that maps exactly to your business practice (or responds to the call for a new business practice).
  • Keep it on brand by employing a solution that can deliver styles straight from your playbook, from intake forms to automated emails and “thank you” notifications.
  • Process transparency can be enabled, if desired, to allow greater visibility and collaboration for all parties.
  • Centralization eliminates redundancies in documentation and data.
  • Ensure that your company’s data governance standards are applied throughout the requests, from initial screening through audit trail capabilities.
  • Workflows can be modified or updated on the fly, a crucial factor in staying compliant with ever-evolving rules and regulations.


  • Using a single database and environment brings standardization and centralization, with ready-made security and compliance.
  • Documents and files that are relevant to each collaboration are centralized in one repository, not scattered with poor version control.
  • All collaborators involved at the correct time and in authoritative sequence.
  • Far higher security for sensitive processes that cross-organizational lines.
  • Central dashboard provides superior monitoring and governance of all sourcing processes.
  • Stylized and on-brand intake forms keep your customers in your brand experience at all times.


  • Detail quantified ROI in terms of savings, work hours, execution times, etc.