Entertainment Disclosures & Exceptions


Provide a simple, convenient way for executives and staff to report on gifting and entertainment activities in order to mitigate potential non-compliance risk and cultivate a healthy, open culture.


  • Easy-to-use online self-service forms allow employees to submit entertainment disclosures and except for review and approval by the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Forms can be built in TAP with embedded business logic, dropdown fields and other features, to meet the required process.
  • Workflow, including specification of stakeholders and notifications, is completely configurable.
  • Once submitted, requests are automatically routed to proper stakeholders/managers for review.
  • Approval or denial notifications can be automatically generated and sent to requesters.
  • A secure Cloud-based archive of workflows and all documentation provides for detailed compliance/auditing.


  • Far better visibility into gift and entertainment disclosures throughout the organization.
  • Much better equipped to uncover risks and rectify issues before they can escalate.
  • Tracking gift and entertainment activities in a central system provides the granularity needed to easily document compliance to regulators and authorities.
  • Adjustable approval/escalation thresholds speed the resolution of routine matters, and flag questionable situations for closer scrutiny.
  • Automation of manual processes – including logging, processing and resolution of exceptions and disclosures – drives significant ROI.
  • Reporting dashboard and analysis features make it possible to quickly uncover high-risk behaviors, trends or problem employees.