For ease of use, process acceleration,
and faster Time-to-Value

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A process like an NDA can be up to 20X faster with TAP Workflow Automation, yet with far fewer errors.


Workflows and digitized forms can be designed and published in just hours or days,

not months, thanks to TAP’s drag-and-drop UI – and are executed in a fraction of the time of traditional processes.


faster turnaround
E-signature integration (like TAP’s) can slash turnaround time on a document.


Drive more effective and rapid teamwork, even across multiple departments and outside resources.

Plus, automated notifications, e-signatures, and role-based access features ensure proper, timely contributions.


of docs go missing
When using paper-based processes, 7.5% of all company documents are lost completely, says IDC.


Managers get visibility into every workflow to monitor and fine-tune performance.

Users share centrally-stored common assets, and all workflows and documents are automatically archived for security and review.


in savings
When one global legal department automated NDAs with TAP, its savings were huge.


Best practices and compliance can be embedded in every workflow to mitigate risks.

Even as automating repetitive tasks reduces human error while cutting costs, delivering fast Time-to-Value and ROI.

ROI that’s ASAP

Workflow automation with TAP accelerates savings and execution. Legal, Compliance, and HR departments who automate with TAP see rapid savings and payback.


Hours Saved


Money Saved


TAP + TeamConnect

You can use TAP Workflow Automation software as a standalone product, or as a fully integrated part of TeamConnect, the world’s leading Enterprise Legal Management platform. Already using TeamConnect? TAP easily extends TeamConnect’s end-to-end ELM capabilities to offer secure legal services across the organization.

TAP + TeamConnect
Accelerate your enterprise.

Transform your processes with best-in-class workflow automation.