Choosing the Right Software for Background Searches: Key Features to Consider

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Background checks are essential in hiring, but many HR leaders skip them to save time. This approach causes headaches, so many employers turn to background search software. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right software for your specific needs?

¿Está pensando en invertir en un software de investigación de antecedentes? Si es así, sabrá que hay que tener en cuenta bastantes cosas. Echemos un vistazo:

¿Por qué comprobar los antecedentes laborales?

Why perform pre-employment background checks? It’s a question that comes up often in the background screening process. Conducting thorough background checks on potential employees has value on many levels.

Background searches help ensure safety for everyone. By uncovering criminal records or history of violence, you can make informed decisions about who to hire. Now, this is very important in all workplaces, though it has increased importance in some. For example, anyone working with children should have thorough background checks.

Additionally, pre-employment screenings verify the accuracy of information provided by candidates. When the labor market is difficult, it is more common for people to lie on their resumes. What can you check?

  • Education credentials

  • Historial laboral

  • Professional licenses

  • Drug history

You may do this through reference checks, employee background checks, social media screening, and more. However, background search software makes it even easier to create talent pools.

Conducting background searches mitigates some risks, including negligent hiring claims. You prevent potential lawsuits or liability issues by demonstrating due diligence when hiring.

Performing comprehensive pre-employment screenings saves time and money in the long run. How? By evitar los costosos errores que pueden derivarse de la contratación de personas no cualificadas o deshonestas. It can also prevent you from engaging the wrong person and needing to make another hire in a few months.

choosing right software for background searches

What things should you include in a pre-employment background search?

If you’re in HR, you know that time is short. How can you keep your speed-to-hire time low and still be effective?

Start by focusing on what’s most important:

Antecedentes penales

Criminal history is an essential aspect to investigate as part of pre-employment screening. It is the most important one to keep yourself and your employees safe.

This screening checks for convictions or charges raising concerns about trustworthiness or performance. While people can change, we should consider that, particularly for convictions from long ago, it could sometimes be a red flag and something to consider.

Historial laboral

Verifying employment history ensures candidates are truthful about their previous work.

This search confirms essential details about past employment, including dates, titles, and responsibilities. People lie or provide false information about previous jobs all the time. It’s important to hire only people who can prove they fit the role.

Verificación de la educación

Verifying educational credentials confirms a candidate’s qualifications. It also ensures they have the skills and knowledge required for the position.

Verifying education is important when considering new hires and people with experience. Just because they had a job in the field before does not mean their old employer checked their records.

Comprobaciones de referencia

Reference checks provide insights into an applicant from managers and coworkers. Use these to discuss things like work ethic, soft skills, etc.

Ensure you aren’t speaking with the candidate’s mother, best friend, or neighbor.

Licencias profesionales

Conducting professional license checks (if applicable) confirms if candidates hold valid credentials. This isn’t necessary in all fields, but for some, such as doctors or lawyers, it is.

Historial de conducción

Will your new hire be driving as part of his or her role? Assess candidates’ driving records for any violations or incidents that could pose risks. If someone isn’t driving a vehicle for your company, you may leave this one off.

What do you need to worry about?


Don’t overlook the legal side of background checks! The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulates how employers can use background check information. When choosing background check software, ensure it’s FCRA compliant. This protects you and your candidates from legal issues.

Éstas son sólo algunas de las áreas que debe cubrir su investigación de antecedentes. Dependiendo del puesto, la ubicación e incluso la época del año, puede haber otros aspectos a tener en cuenta.

Cost Considerations

Background check software isn’t one-size-fits-all when it comes to pricing. There are different models, such as per-report fees or monthly subscriptions. Some providers offer tiered plans with varying features. Consider your budget and needs to find the most cost-effective option for your organization.


Data security is paramount, especially when dealing with sensitive candidate information. Choose background check software that prioritizes security. Look for features like data encryption and secure storage to ensure your candidates’ information is protected.

Características clave a tener en cuenta en el software de comprobación de antecedentes

When purchasing background check software, make a few critical considerations before buying. It needs to come down to key features, accuracy, and scalability.

  1. Speed-to-hire: Look for software that offers advanced candidate screening capabilities. Background searches can slow down the process, but software can help.

  2. Integrate with existing tech stack: Choose software that integrates with your existing tech stack. This could include an applicant tracking system (ATS) or human resource information systems (HRIS). This will ensure smooth data transfer and eliminate manual data entry tasks.

  3. Built for scale: If your organization is growing, find software that will grow with you. Look for features like automated workflows, bulk upload options, and customizable templates. These save time and money now and will provide even more value in the future.

  4. Trusted speed and reliability: You want background screening to be fast, but don’t cut corners. Find software that helps you be fast and accurate.

  5. Powerful ecosystem: Robust background check software should integrate with:

  • Various databases

  • Criminal records sources

  • Employment verification services

  • Drug testing labs

Éstas son sólo algunas de las cosas que hay que tener en cuenta. Trabaja con tu equipo de contratación y tu equipo de RRHH para identificar lo que realmente importa a tu organización.

¿Preparado para un mejor software de comprobación de antecedentes?

A la hora de realizar comprobaciones de antecedentes previas a la contratación, es fundamental elegir el software adecuado. Con la multitud de opciones disponibles, encontrar una solución que satisfaga todas sus necesidades puede resultar abrumador. Sin embargo, si tiene en cuenta las características y funcionalidades clave, podrá tomar una decisión informada y agilizar su proceso de contratación.

To learn more about our background search software, please get in touch with us today.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on February 28, 2023, and has been updated for comprehensiveness and regulations changes.

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