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Video: Julie Pearl, Mike Williams Discuss I-9 Compliance, Immigration Management

For two decades, Tracker Corp has built a reputation as the market leader in I-9 compliance and immigration management solutions.  As of this week, they’re part of Mitratech.

It’s an honor to be able to welcome their focus and expertise when it comes to delivering truly superior solutions to the Mitratech product lineup.  As with any great technology, their products – Tracker I-9 Compliance and ImmigrationTracker – came in response to a problem.

It was one that Julie Pearl, co-founder and chair of Tracker Corp, experienced herself as one of the nation’s leading immigration and employment attorneys: The complexity, time and labor costs, and potential for error involved in carrying out the various steps, and coordinating the various documents and materials, involved in immigration case management and I-9 compliance.

That complexity is compounded by the sheer volume of regulation that impacts legal and HR teams. There are over 1,200 I-9 rules that staffing professionals are expected to be aware of, for instance.

Who needs I-9 and immigration management solutions?

As Julie explains in the video chat with Mike Williams, CEO of Mitratech, shown below?  Any organization that wants to avoid liability under I-9 compliance – and potentially save 50% of the staff time spent processing I-9s – should be using a system like Tracker I-9 Compliance. Law firms benefit from a solution like ImmigrationTracker because of the close communication it enables with clients, as milestones are met and client timelines are fulfilled.

The fact these solutions are constantly and accurately updated to reflect the latest regulatory developments is another much-needed benefit for users.  As Julie relates, users enjoy the fact that best practices, guardrails, and safety measures are built into both solutions; in the case of Tracker I-9 Complete, it’s why the solution has seen an amazing track record of users incurring zero fines from ICE audits over the years.

The right fit mattered

There’s much more to discover in the video. So take a few minutes to see how Julie enthusiastically explains how these products evolved. They’re designed to remove the worry and busywork from I-9 and immigration management processes – and head off potential penalties.

She also makes clear why Mitratech was the right fit for Tracker Corp.  That starts with how each team’s philosophy and commitment align.  What was also important to her? How the acquisition presents a chance to address the I-9 and immigration management needs of more organizations and users, at a time when those needs are more challenging than ever.

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