The Magic of the Three-Year Process and Technology Roadmap
The Magic of the Three-Year Process and Technology Roadmap

The Magic of the Three-Year Process and Technology Roadmap

Whitney Apple |

Insights from our Silver Interact 2024 Sponsor, Kroll, authored by Whitney Apple, Manager, Data Insights and Forensics.

As a consultant, my primary goal is to ensure clients continue to thrive even after our engagement concludes. A key strategy is the development and execution of a three-year process and technology roadmap. These custom plans, whether for new technology systems or process reviews, allow clients to monitor progress, update senior management, and reduce costs, all while working independently to achieve company goals.

What is a Process and Technology Roadmap?

At its core, the process and technology roadmap is a detailed guide focusing on enhancing day-to-day efficiency and overall team effectiveness. These types of roadmaps are tailored to each client and require a prerequisite assessment to better understand the client’s current technology and processes.

After a thorough review, my team at Kroll helps the client better understand their current state, determine their ideal future state, and map out the journey to bridge the gap between the two. By understanding my client’s budget, time, and key priorities, we can reference these roadmaps to determine when, where, and how we implement these sorts of shifts in processes, or technological implementations.

How is it Designed?

These roadmaps are individualised to each of our clients. For each of these to be unique, they require a deep understanding of the client’s day-to-day pain points and future goals. The easiest way to obtain this information, and to best understand our clients, is through the completion of what we call an assessment. We conduct assessments using interviews, group discussions, and other data sources to determine the status of the department’s processes and technologies. These assessments take roughly four to six weeks to complete and allow for our team to better understand the ins-and-outs, initial gaps, and ultimate goals of the client. They also help us to identify easy shifts in processes, or value-add technology implementations that can drastically improve day-to-day efficiency.

Based on budget and knowledge of the client’s short and long-term goals, we map out the three-year plan for success. This will include immediate changes, short-term goals, and long-term initiatives to help bridge the gap between current and future state. Sometimes these include larger system implementations, while other times they include quick wins as small tweaks in the day-to-day processes. The goal is to ensure my team has moved the needle, and the client feels as though they have a clearly defined plan for the upcoming three years.

Finally, it serves as an easy visual to share in leadership meetings to not only disclose the plans for the future and avoid duplicative efforts, but to also show the team’s individual efforts to enhance productivity and success. It allows for the client to have pre-determined short-term goals, and to quickly achieve them, which helps drive morale across the department, and within the client’s team.

What is the Impact of a Process and Technology Roadmap?

When equipped with a plan, the client is able to understand the enhancements and changes that need to be made over the next three years. It allows them to plan and budget accordingly, and to feel ahead of the game, rather than overwhelmed by the required change. These roadmaps prove to be successful, as they provide a strategic, easy-to-follow plan, and help avoid duplicative efforts by other departments and teams. They also provide insight for leadership into changes necessary for the growth and development of the company.

The beauty of the three-year assessment is that it does not take three-years to see its impact. It helps call out the required themes for change, which can usually be implemented immediately at the micro-level. Knowledge is power, and by providing your teams with the insight as to what needs to change to drive success, you are already ahead of the curve.

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