What’s New in ClusterSeven IMS 4.2?

Earlier this summer, we released a new version of ClusterSeven’s IMS tool: IMS 4.2. This release contains some great features that will help ClusterSeven users significantly streamline their daily tasks.

The IMS workflow capability has been significantly improved with the introduction of some additional functions, firstly workflow task administration. This allows workflow managers to cancel ongoing workflow tasks when they have been superseded or created in error.

IMS now has the ability to generate overdue task reminders; users can be reminded when incomplete tasks become overdue and each task can be configured with a time constraint allowing for better task management and increased engagement with the system.

A new workflow notification type and more

With this release, we also introduced a new workflow notification activity type. This will allow notifications from workflows to be generated without needing intervention or approvals.

Esto es increíblemente useful for informing managers when activities have been completed, when a status value in the inventory changes (for example: an item changes from low-risk to high-risk), or when a review has been completed and a team member needs to be notified.

Infografía: Directrices para la incorporación eficaz de proveedores

Mitigar los riesgos al tiempo que se establecen sólidas relaciones con los proveedores.

In the ongoing improvement to the business unit and record type configuration, additional options can now be edited by administrators through the UI. This includes links to reference sites on the homepage and the ability to edit these links and the order in which they appear, editing the attributes that will appear on the links diagram, the color of the record types, and business unit names. However, for most actions, you will still need to edit the XML.

Administration tools have benefitted, too

Some improvements have also been made in the administration section. The business unit section has been split into gestión y configuration. Gestión contains any activities around general management such as bulk import or reviewing inactive records. Configuration contains activities that define how the business unit itself works, such as business unit definition upload or workflow definition.

A number of bugs were also addressed in this release, too.  So if you’re interested in learning more, please contact your account manager or watch the on-demand demo of IMS 4.2 here!

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