Workflow of the Week: Automating IT Intake Across the Globe

Emily Bogin |

2022 asks us to think more collaboratively

If the transition to remote work characterized 2020 and 2021, then the expectation for and expansion of hybrid work is characterizing 2022. Over the past years, IT has been challenged to respond to the pandemic by issuing laptops to new remote offices and sharing best practices for VPN. In 2022, it’s time for IT to build out more pathways for employees to be able to communicate remotely. 

Upon the publication of Deloitte’s 2022 Technology Industry Outlook, Paul Silvergate, vice-chair and US tech sector leader identified collaboration as the most important keyword for the new year. He said, “The companies that are best able to work collaboratively and in a heterogeneous environment are the ones that are going to be the most successful.”

The increase in hybrid workers attests to the importance of opening up new channels for communication and collaboration. This is especially true for requests or approvals like new software requests, which may have previously required a word of mouth recommendation or an in-person query to grease the wheel. 

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With employees signing into remote offices from around the globe, it has become important for them to have a central location where they can work with IT to be given the opportunity to thrive in their roles. On the flip side, giving IT a central repository of employee information, and past requests lends to a consolidated approach to managing those requests. They can then better manage the employee experience – by finding gaps in training and equipping employees with the knowledge to self-serve.

Where there’s a will

The good news is that collaboration across a heterogeneous environment has never been easier. With the rise of chat software like Microsoft Teams and Slack, employees are more connected to their teammates than ever before. 

But these systems are not necessarily the best for routing requests and approvals. This is where a no-code, custom built software request portal comes into play.

Building new spaces for communication and collaboration

When IT teams identify a need for better communication with the rest of the business to build out a digital, automated, streamlined software request platform, it’s easy to get started. With the rise of citizen development software, it’s time for process owners to have a say in the way that process works. With a no-code solution, building a software request workflow or IT request portal can be fast and painless. 

Learn how the experts would think about the implementation here.

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