Join Mitratech and Clear Law Institute for a webinar deep dive into the nuances surrounding talent acquisition compliance.

Hiring is a complex process that requires attention to detail and adherence to various legal requirements. One of the biggest challenges HR professionals face is the ever-changing legal landscape, as laws and regulations governing the hiring process can vary by state, industry, and even position type. And with so many different stages involved in the talent acquisition process, it’s important to ensure that everyone is following the same procedures and that all steps are properly documented. 

In this webinar, we explore some of the critical aspects of hiring that can help your organization stay compliant and transparent in its practices.

Watch the webinar to hear experts  from Mitratech and Clear Law Institute to discuss what it takes to drive compliance around:
  • Salary Transparency
  • Interviewing 
  • Background Screening
  • Form I-9 
  • Policy Adherence and Recognition
  • Accommodations
Expert Speakers:
  • Mark Glascock, Director of Operations for Mitratech’s AssureHire product, has spent upward of 20 years in the industry and is Advanced FCRA Certified.

  • Elissa Rossi, VP of Compliance Services of Clear Law Institute, has practiced employment law and litigation at various law firms and in the New York’s Attorney General’s Office.

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