Developing a shareholder request and approval process capable of dealing with multiple shareholder types.


A workflow that expedites review, approval, and fulfillment for all participants:

  • A company CFO kicks off the process, in this case, by using an online form to submit a request for a new shareholder agreement.
  • He/she populates the form with all relevant details about the prospective shareholder.
  • That form is then routed to the prospective shareholder for their review and approval.
  • Once they’ve approved the form, they are automatically sent an authorized Shareholder Agreement that can be one of several types, depending on the type of shareholder.


  • In banking and finance, there are countless workflows like this that are conducted daily, so the cumulative cost and time savings to an organization can be enormous.
  • Automating the process delivers a better, faster customer experience for the shareholder.
  • E-signature integration can standardize secure approvals.
  • Transaction records and auditing trails are automatically saved to a safe location, ensuring compliance and security.
  • Chance of mistakes or delays is minimized, as well as recordkeeping and compliance concerns.
  • Manual processes for handling these kinds of tasks swallow up vast amounts of staff time; people often use different methods of signature, too, which only adds to the paperwork wrangling necessary.