Stock Management & Supply Orders


Enable SMBs to more effectively track and order inventories and supplies.


  • TAP allows small to medium-size businesses and organizations to create automated workflows for managing and ordering inventory sales inventory items and supplies.
  • By integrating TAP via external API with POS systems, re-stocking workflows can be triggered when inventory drops to set levels.
  • Forms and workflows are easily designed using drag-and-drop UI.
  • Automated notifications can alert users to need to re-order items, either through APIs or calendar-based.
  • Automated re-order emails to suppliers can be built into workflows.
  • Mobile access allows managers to oversee stock counts and re-orders anywhere, anytime.
  • Unified dashboard provides oversight of all workflows.


  • Allows SMBs to create customized stock and supply workflows without the expense and complexity of dedicated software platforms.
  • Errors are minimized, eliminating costs and delays.
  • Mundane tasks are taken off the desk of managers and employees as inventory restocks and supply orders are automated.
  • Automatic archiving of workflows and documentation provides secure backup for recordkeeping and compliance.