Mitratech Acquires Alyne
Mitratech Acquires Alyne

CEO Corner: An Intelligent Breakthrough Delivering on Integrated Risk Solutions

Mike Williams |

Over the last couple of years, Mitratech has made a number of strategic acquisitions to build out our portfolio of solutions.  With our newest one, Alyne, we’re once again doubling down on the future of this ever-changing industry – and this one, in particular, is a game-changing acceleration in the level of innovation we’ll deliver to our clients.

Its value stems from how it employs artificial intelligence to tackle the situation many, if not most, companies are facing: multiplying risks of wildly different types that seem to rear up almost everywhere.  Another problem?  That they’re struggling to identify and combat those risks using antiquated solutions.  What they particularly lack is holistic visibility, the kind that can allow them to spot risk and do a more effective, or even proactive, job of responding to it – and do all that at a renewed and faster pace.

As Michael Rasmussen, the leading GRC expert, puts it:

The interconnectedness of objectives, risks, resiliency, and integrity require 360° contextual awareness of integrated governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC). Organizations need to see the intricate relationships of objectives, risks, obligations, commitments, and controls across the enterprise. It requires holistic visibility and intelligence of risk in the context of objectives.

These risks increasingly bridge compliance, legal, and other operations, breaking down traditional barriers.  So there’s a real need for a new solution that allows these teams to work closely together to scout out and mitigate risk.

Going beyond outdated and “Band-aided” options

As I mentioned, the current technologies on hand to meet these challenges are usually legacy products that are hard to use and inefficient.  Or, they are disconnected, niche technologies that never end up cohesively integrated.  They also lack the deep analytics and risk visualization capabilities needed to deliver the top-down visibility necessary for rapidly identifying (or predicting) risk whenever, wherever it occurs.

Alyne delivers that.  And adding it to Mitratech’s portfolio expands what legal and risk professionals can accomplish, letting them protect their organization like never before.  Some of what it delivers?

  • For one thing, it will accelerate time-to-value via actionable AI and data science-driven processes.  Alyne can conduct sentiment analysis by “reading” comments, say in an employee survey or a vendor assessment, to get insights and identify potential risks.
  • By analyzing regulations in real-time, and comparing them against your company’s control framework, Alyne allows you to identify the gaps and take the right steps to plug them.
  • You’ll be able to visualize risk impacts, even including financial impacts, giving you insight and agility in evaluating and prioritizing how you manage them.
  • Alyne provides very quick ROI by reducing the overall complexity of managing legal and compliance risks.
  • You’ll increase shareholder and stakeholder value because you’re implementing a platform that reduces operational, financial, and reputational risk that could ding corporate valuation or dividends.
  • Then there’s ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).  This is another enormous risk management challenge, so Alyne’s technology is designed to address regulation ambiguity and easily identify specific ESG risk insights.

If that sounds like a lot of potential upside for our clients, that’s because it is.  We aren’t taking our foot off the gas in uncovering new, innovative ways to solve the challenges – both new and old – plaguing this industry.

And since no other provider has this type of end-to-end solution stack, we can proudly share the fact that nobody else empowers clients to defend against risk like Mitratech.

To hear more, including from Alyne’s founder and CEO, Karl Viertel, watch to the video below.

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