Le coin des PDG : S'efforcer de trouver une solution unique aux besoins des entreprises en matière de technologie juridique

Mike Williams |

Mitratech has been a longtime supporter of CLOC and its mission, so it made perfect sense to announce a key new acquisition at CLOC Global Institute this week.

That mission, as CLOC has put it, is to “help legal operations professionals and other core corporate legal industry players (e.g., technology providers, law firms, ALSPs, law schools) optimize the legal service delivery models needed to support the needs of small, medium and large legal departments.”

Those delivery models, particularly in large, multiregional organizations, can become extremely extensive and complex. The tools to support the people and processes allowing legal departments to fulfill the needs of their organizations can, in turn, become extremely varied, and the legal stack assembled around them can become complex – perhaps needlessly so.

It’s our belief, supported by observation among some of our own global client community, that organizations with a greater maturity level in their embrace and understanding of legal technology will increasingly look for “one-stop” providers capable of delivering proven, well-integrated solutions that support legal operations from end to end.  Enterprise-level solutions or solution suites, in other words, that knit together an entire legal ecosystem in controllable, efficient, and reliable ways.

ContractRoom is another addition to an end-to-end vision

Our acquisition of ContractRoom, a provider of advanced contract lifecycle management (CLM) software, is part of a very deliberate strategy on our part to become that single, dependable partner/provider for legal departments.

As I mentioned recently in this blog, that vision was very much a consideration for Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan when they chose to invest in Mitratech. We’re uniting a focus on client success with a product acquisition and development roadmap that certainly aims for excellence in performance and support for each individual product.

But it also takes a holistic view of what the legal tech stack of the future should look like, how it can best address the needs and goals of everyone in an enterprise’s legal tech ecosystem, and how each product we offer can seamlessly integrate into that stack.  Following through on that strategy through additions like ContractRoom is enabling us, unlike any other provider in the legal tech space, to deliver a truly end-to-end solutions suite for our clients.

It’s a challenge to execute that vision, but I’m totally confident in the ability of the Mitratech team to pull it off in a way that’ll be unique within the legal tech industry.   That one-stop, single-source model will, we’re convinced, have huge appeal and value for the pioneering legal departments and legal operations teams who have been already pushing to make digital transformation a reality.

Construire une meilleure boîte à outils

Si une organisation comme la nôtre espère continuer à se développer, elle doit continuellement améliorer et étendre ce qu'elle est en mesure de fournir à ses clients. Cela implique la recherche de nouvelles synergies, parfois dans de nouvelles directions surprenantes, qui améliorent la boîte à outils de transformation juridique qu'ils sont en mesure de débloquer avec Mitratech.

Even before ContractRoom, but especially now that we’ve added it?  We’re able to honestly say nous sommes seuls et au-dessus du lot en termes de variété de solutions de premier ordre que nous offrons aux chefs d'entreprise et aux services juridiques internes.

C'est pourquoi le Régime de retraite des enseignantes et des enseignants de l'Ontario, lorsqu'il a étudié le paysage des fournisseurs de technologies juridiques, a décidé de faire appel à des experts en la matière, a décidé d'investir dans Mitratech. Ils nous considéraient comme ayant la le meilleur éventail de solutions et une philosophie et une orientation cohérentes qui contribuerait réellement à transformer l'industrie juridique, aujourd'hui et à l'avenir.

Enfin, pour couronner le tout ? AdvanceLaw est dirigé par un autre Mike Williams. Si c'est n'est pas une synergie, qu'est-ce que c'est ?

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