Attain end-to-end cyber risk management capabilities with the help of Mitratech’s Alyne.

Cyber risks are ever-changing and have become more frequent than ever before. Strengthening your organization’s cyber risk management capabilities is key to building a comprehensive defense against cyber threats and information security attacks.

Mitratech’s Alyne helps cyber risk, IT risk, information security teams, and other GRC functions to understand and confidently implement compliance requirements, thoroughly assess risk, and obtain detailed risk analytics and reporting, in order to make risk-aware decisions for their organization – helping to effectively manage risk and reduce risk exposure.

Explore Mitratech’s Alyne unique features and functionality in this powerful asset, specifically created for risk professionals.

Check out the infographic for more on:

  • Cyber Security Frameworks
  • Empowering Your Cyber Risk Team
  • Mitratech’s Alyne x SecurityScorecard
  • Alyne’s Cyber Risk Management Capabilities
  • Powerful Value Drivers

Mitratech’s Alyne: The GRC Platform of the Future

Whether you are at the beginning of your GRC journey, or looking to deploy next-generation GRC capability across your full enterprise environment, Mitratech’s Alyne cross-industry functionality and use cases are delivered in an all-in-one platform, tailored to your needs.