InfiniGlobe Releases Integration Connector Empowering TeamConnect™ and NetDocuments™

InfiniGlobe develops state-of-the-art integration connector pairing leading enterprise legal software systems, Mitratech TeamConnect, and NetDocuments cloud platform, saving corporate law departments time and money.

Austin, TX July 21, 2021 – InfiniGlobe, a trusted provider of legal technology and professional services for corporate law departments and law firms, has released a brand new integration connector that allows for Mitratech TeamConnect™, a leading enterprise legal management (ELM) software, to interface with NetDocuments™, a leading cloud-based document management system (DMS) and content services platform for government agencies, corporate legal teams, law firms and compliance departments.

“We’re enthusiastic about the benefits of this connector for users of both systems,” says Mori Kabiri, President and CEO, InfiniGlobe. “Corporate law departments that use disconnected ELM and DMS face challenges with document access, matter sync, and security between systems, resulting in double data entry, extra downloads, uploads and data integrity issues. We saw the pain and the opportunity for improvement, took the initiative and built a solution to connect the two leading products”.

This successful integration reflects InfiniGlobe’s decades of industry experience in implementing best practices, upgrading, and integrating Mitratech TeamConnect as well as leveraging their ISV technology partnership with NetDocuments.

“This is an exciting example of Mitratech partners — InfiniGlobe and NetDocuments — solving the office of general counsel’s need of doing more with less resources. We continue to invest in our partner program and platform abilities to unlock value for our clients,” stated, Danish Butt, Director, Partner Programs, Mitratech.

With the InfiniGlobe integration connector, TeamConnect users will not have to leave their browser to create a workspace in NetDocuments and can move documents between the applications with the click of a button. Any changes made to the matter information in TeamConnect will sync automatically with NetDocuments in real time. The integration results in significant time and cost savings, eliminating the wait for the batch sync process and optimizing staff’s daily tasks.

“Our deep technology partnerships with both Mitratech and InfiniGlobe provide a value-add to our mutual customers and deliver additional ways to increase productivity,” stated Reza Parsia, VP, Strategic Partner Management, NetDocuments.

One of InfiniGlobe’s first clients to take advantage of this new integration connector for TeamConnect is a Fortune 500 Bank who has seen significant improvement in their processes. “Very excited! This integration is a tremendous time saver, thank you all for all your work!” Said Operations Manager, Legal & Compliance. “That NetDocs button is magic! It saves me hours of manual work.”

Enabling two systems to communicate makes business easier, more efficient, and more secure. A complete case study is available here.

The InfiniGlobe integration connector for TeamConnect and NetDocuments is compatible with all major versions of both products and is maintained and supported by the InfiniGlobe. If your department is currently using or planning to use NetDocuments and an ELM solution such as TeamConnect, please reach out to InfiniGlobe at [email protected] to see a demonstration and explore the potential for integration with your enterprise software tools.

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