High Volume Transactional Case Review


To ensure that high volume transactional cases are reviewed and approved by the appropriate persons in an efficient, timely, and secure manner.


  • An automated, built-in process that standardizes and ensures the appropriate approval channels.
  • A workflow tool that makes sure the right person reviews the right case at the right time, without the need for manual tracking.
  • A centralized dashboard enables complete visibility into any stage of the approval process.
  • Parallel approvals that allow for multiple approvals simultaneously while removing the hold-ups of a linear approval process.
  • Required information all stored in a single, secure location, so any approver can easily find everything they need to make the right decision.


  • Centralized dashboard allows monitoring and management of approvals at every stage of a workflow.
  • Drive significant time and cost savings and ROI by automating otherwise manual processes
  • Significantly increase the speed and efficiency of any approval process, allowing Legal to move more quickly and drive greater value.