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Mitratech - Karl Viertel - Headshot

Karl Viertel

Karl is Mitratech’s General Manager of GRC. Previous to his role in Mitratech, Karl was CEO and co-founder of Alyne.

Mitratech - Stefan Sulistyo - Headshot

Stefan Sulistyo

Stefan is Mitratech’s Head of GRC Operations. Previous to his role in Mitratech, Stefan was CCO and co-founder of Alyne.

Mitratech - Henry Umney - Headshot

Henry Umney

Henry Umney is Mitratech’s Managing Director of GRC Strategy. Previous to his role in Mitratech, Henry was CEO of ClusterSeven.

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The RegTech Report Podcast is all about sharing personal experiences, providing thought leadership and creative collaboration within the RegTech space. If you are an industry expert or believe that you have a valuable contribution to make, we invite you to join the conversation, send us a message and let’s set up a meeting! We would love to have you as our guest!

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