About the Partner

Founded by California law Firm, Keesal, Young & Logan in 2018, KP Labs is a cutting-edge technology company that focuses on tech-enabled automation and digital transformation initiatives for the corporate legal departments of the Fortune 500.

How do Mitratech and KP Labs Co-Innovate?

Leveraging insights from their portfolio, KP Labs shares a holistic understanding of how peer companies and thought leaders use TAP to automate processes and projects for significant impact. KP Labs then collaborates with the client from evaluation and integration to implementation and adoption.

KP Labs has worked closely with customers from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, all of whom use TAP to automate business and legal processes, to drive better efficiency and collaboration for their companies. KP Labs has worked on several hundred workflows. When clients or prospects mention a need or challenge, they’ve likely seen it already.


Getting common activities with inefficient steps ‘on rails’ is the foundation of any digital transformation journey. These workflows change how the entire organization values the legal department and gives our clients tremendous credibility. Making our internal champions successful in their careers is how we measure ourselves, so these kinds of opportunities are what motivate us most.
Rudy DeFelice, CEO of KP Labs

Ask Us About

  • Digital Transformation
  • Automation
  • Workflow Creation & Management
  • Eliminating the Human Touch in NDAs
  • Streamlining the Cash-to-Quote Process

Areas of Expertise

  • Tech Implementation
  • Change Management
  • Process Management
  • ELM/CLM/Workflow
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Mitratech and KP Labs

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