With INSZoom, HR and Legal teams worldwide can now deploy best practices, innovative features, and seamless integration to minimize staffing-related risks to business continuity.

  • Customize all your workflows and automate repetitive processes.
    Accelerate your practice with our fully customizable case workflows based on Country and Case Petition Types
  • Use smart automations for efficient workflows
  • Obtain e-Consent from your client at any time
  • Check and track all documentation required for filing

  • The largest and most comprehensive immigration forms library available in the market. Guaranteed. INSZoom supports 2,500+ forms and questionnaires across 90+ countries.
  • U.S. immigration forms are updated within 48 hours of official release.
  • Gather detailed information upfront, using our comprehensive questionnaires, and instantly populate forms for filing.
  • Supports paper & online filing including barcoded forms.

  • Build real-time collaboration with clients and partners, wherever they are around the globe
  • Improve collaboration by offering self-service portals for sharing documents, monitor and track activity on cases, and receive updates on status
  • Never miss a deadline: Email predefined alerts and reminders for case milestones, including deadlines, expiration dates, and compliance requirements
  • Send group communications to employees about important and changing immigration regulations and other relevant information

  • Integrate with Workday, ADP, Success Factor, PeopleSoft, and other HR systems by leveraging our external Zoom APIs.
  • Integrate with Outlook and receive alerts for court dates, meetings, appointments, case alerts, expirations, milestones, and more directly in Outlook
  • INSZoom-DocuSign integration enables all stakeholders to securely eSign documents, retainer agreements, etc.
  • Integrate with QuickBooks, and Authorize.NET, LawPay for online payments

  • Manage and review prevailing wage compliance requirements with help of Business Intelligence Reports
  • Manage and e-file individual and bulk LCAs with the Department of Labor
  • Assign LCA to an employee, manage and maintain usage and pull reports to track details
  • Capture and track I-9 documents

  • Stay secure with our granular User and Access management protocols
  • Deliver electronic consent management from different stakeholders for various processes and at different stages of case processing
  • Offer multi-factor authentication for an additional layer of security
  • Review audit logs for security

  • Improve your Customer/firm relationships and build a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Manage Blanket Petitions
  • Provide Account/Payment Status to Clients through email, call, portal, and ZooMee
  • Provide assistance for RFPs

  • Deliver a New Company Onboarding / Employment (Welcome E-mail/ Intro to HR Portal)
  • Create New Company Employee Onboarding / Employment (Welcome E-mail/ Intro to FN Portal)
  • Provide expert Technical Support to HRs

With increasing data privacy and protection laws, you can be assured that with INSZoom your client data is always secure and compliant with the latest regulations.

Our Compliance managed services include:

  • Procuring E-consent
  • Ensuring Conflict Waiver is implemented
  • Deliver branded Retainer Agreements Templates
  • Assistance GDPR / CCPA Compliance (MFA, SSO, OTP)

Automated Data Entry (ADE)

We’ve worked closely with clients to offer an automated data entry feature leveraging machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA) to digitize tedious, time-consuming immigration case management processes. What can it do for you?

  • Read receipts and upload accurate & complete data to each case document
  • Update case status, send approval notices to the law firm as well as clients
  • Set EAD, I-94 validity and expiry reminders
  • Identify court dates, appointments, and interview dates to set up calendars and email alerts
  • ADE reads and uploads your government notices
  • Eliminates data errors
  • Continually learns and acquires more skills and rules
  • Saves valuable employee hours, increases efficiency
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