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Love of Workflow Automation Blog Post Header

4 New Legal Workflow Automation Use Cases You’ll Love

Is “love” too strong a word?  Well, when a Legal Ops professional uses legal workflow automation to slash costs, accelerate execution, and generally polish the reputation of the legal department, maybe not!

Better still, every one of these use cases is being shared by its creators with everyone in the TAP Workflow Automation user base via the TAP Co-Innovation Community.  So you may be able to take one (or all) and customize it to your own demands, add enhancements…and otherwise take advantage of the free and open give-and-take that’s common among TAP users devoted to the pursuit of Legal Ops growth and evolution.

RFP Workflow

Gap Inc. – yes, that Gap – uses TAP to streamline and automate their RFP process. TAP stood out as the right solution thanks to its amazing ease of use and powerful features. Bonus! It took Gap less than 8 hours to go from whiteboarding to production!

As Devshree Chauhan, Manager, Legal Operations at Gap explains, “The great thing about the tool is that it’s just one form built within the system and based on the logic provided to it, it can automatically decipher whether this was an in-house attorney who’s trying to log in and request. or if it’s an external person trying to do this and [the system] can push the correct form out to the user.”

“We Absolutely Love It” – 3 TAP Workflow Automation Case Studies

And if you ask Devshree and her team about their feelings for TAP Workflow Automation, now that they’ve put it to thest?  They don’t simply like the solution, she says: “We absolutely love it.” 

Contract Management

Yuka Tzavaras, Senior Manager, Legal Operations at Electronic Arts will gladly say how they’ve been TAP users nearly since its launch. And she’s been an enthusiastic user ever since.

“One of the things I love about TAP is that if you know how to use Vizio or know how to build a business process diagram,” she says, “you can pretty much build a simple workflow in TAP.”

Yuka and her team took advantage of one of TAP’s real strengths: its ability to seamlessly link workflows. “What we decided to do was break complex workflows into sub-processes and create smaller, manageable workflows,” she says, “and then use TAP’s feature, Child Workflow, to connect the pieces together.”

By connecting their Contract Request Workflow, Contract Approval and Signature Workflow, and Supplier Setup Request Workflow, they created a larger workflow that’s still much easier to manage and debug than a single, monolithic process. Auditable information flows easily between each linked workflow, minimizing data entry, and once one process is complete the next workflow is automatically triggered, based on need.

“This ability to connect workflows is key, especially when you start building more complicated workflows,” Yuka says. “We found it very beneficial. It makes my life easier; it makes my team’s life easier.”

Instant Privacy Terms 

The arrival of the GDPR and CCPA regulations have led to a spike in the volume of agreements where privacy terms are involved. Without legal workflow automation, that would mean more hands-on processing by legal staff of all that new work.

With that in mind, what’s not to love about this workflow? After all, it eliminates the manual processing of tasks such as Contract Lifetime Management record creation and signature processing of non-negotiated contracts.

After its initial success, in fact, the user expanded it to address four contract types via a single workflow.

Other benefits? It allows a company’s privacy team to focus on more important matters​, while reinforcing the legal department’s reputationa as an innovator and deal facilitator, not a bottleneck. ​

Instant SOC 2

SOC 2 is an auditing procedure meant to ensure a company’s service providers securely manage its data in order to protect the interests of the organization and the privacy of its clients.

The TAP-powered workflow this client devised involves accurately routing standard Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements for signature, automatically sending requested SOC2 reports once the NDA is in place, and creating reportable metrics for requests.

This and the Instant Privacy Terms workflow are examples of workflows that are perfect fits for handling high-volume, low-risk agreements. Each of them eliminates manual processing, ​shortens implementation time, moves the process (and teams) out of email, and creates data for reportable benefits.

Intrigued by what you see? Then don’t hesitate to make a Legal Ops workflow automation love connection – or two, or more – at the TAP Co-Innovation Community.  Think of it as a speed dating site for finding the perfect digital workflow of your dreams.