Adobe’s software products and Cloud-based platforms have long been a natural fit for enterprises that seek to digitize their document-based processes. So it’s no surprise they’re making fresh inroads into workflow automation.

With Adobe Sign Advanced Workflows, they’re offering organizations a powerful tool for consolidating disparate or even fragmented workflows, providing end-to-end capabilities for designing and generating documents, routing them conditionally via business logic, archiving them and, of course, taking full advantage of Adobe Sign, an industry-leading e-signature platform that we integrate with ourselves.

We’re happy to see Adobe going all-in on workflow automation, frankly. Why? Because they’re an established platform provider offering valuable integrations with a full suite of productivity products, and WFA is a logical extension for them.

Also, because we’re proud to be able to say that Mitratech is closely partnered with Adobe in workflow automation. Not only do we get the chance to work with some of the brightest and smartest people in the field, but that collaboration has led to our own platform becoming the engine that powers Adobe Sign Advanced Workflows.

It’s a win-win for everyone. Especially end users.