Co-Innovation is Key ELM Software
Co-Innovation is Key ELM Software

For the Newest TeamConnect Release, Co-Innovation Was Key

Building on “strength” in enterprise legal management software?  For an ELM provider, the strength that matters most that of the partnership it’s got with its user community.

That’s why we’re happy to announce the availability of the latest version of TeamConnect.  Its newest iteration is the fruit of collaboration and co-innovation with our clients, as usual, and coincides with our annual customer event, Interact, and several other product updates.

According to Cal Yelderman, product manager on TeamConnect at Mitratech, the co-innovation process was truly global in nature.   “In addition to working with four clients on the release, we also collaborated with four international law firms using the e-billing platform,” he says.  “In January, I went to London and met with the firms, and the functionality value delivered in this update that allows a timekeeper to bill on invoices on behalf of multiple firm offices was really driven by this very communal collaboration between Mitratech, our clients, and law firms.”

Efficiency-driving improvements

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The latest version of the industry-leading ELM platform includes improvements that deliver more efficiency and savings than ever:

  • Invoice review enhancements that upgrade the entire user experience around complex invoice processing. These enhancements reduce the time spent processing complex invoices by as much as 30% for users.
  • Multi-currency enhancements which allow individual timekeepers to invoice from multiple firm offices. Each firm office can have its own approved rates and currencies in TeamConnect, further supporting global ELM deployments.
  • TeamConnect Reporting Suite: The latest version includes performance enhancements to its dashboarding capabilities that improve speed and performance anywhere from 15% to 50%, plus automated report scheduling capabilities, and best practices for building reports for dashboards.

“The invoice changes are significant and will really be a useful enhancement for our team,” says Tempi McLeod, Legal Operations Analyst Corporate Legal, Micron Technology, Inc., who participated in the client working group that nurtured these improvements.

Learn even more at Interact 2020

Interact 2020: The Community Driving Business Continuity is free of charge and will feature presentations, sessions, training, and content tailored to both Legal Ops and Risk and Compliance clients, taking place September 22-24.  Specific TeamConnect release sessions at Interact include:

  • Thursday, September 24, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM CDT: TeamConnect Product Release: High Complexity Invoice Review and International Capabilities
  • Thursday, September 24,, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CDT: Driving Outcomes with the TeamConnect Reporting Suite

In addition?  There’ll be even more innovations announced at Interact 2020, including for TAP Workflow Automation dynamic forms and workflows and Legal Hold evidence tracking.  The conference is entirely virtual and free this year, so if you haven’t signed up yet?  Register right now.

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