Who’s the Mitratech Team When We’re Not Building Workflows?
Who’s the Mitratech Team When We’re Not Building Workflows?

Who is the TAP Team When We’re Not Building Workflows?

Ben Bogin |

As part of the TAP team at Mitratech, we spend most of our time looking at and building workflows. Any day we can make a process easier or faster for people involved is a good day. But that’s not all we are.

We have foodies, cinephiles, nature-lovers, couch potatoes, and everything else. So to give you a sense of the people that comprise the TAP team at Mitratech, here’s some more information about who we are, what we like around the city, and how we spend our free time.

This is my first blog post, the first of what could be a series of posts about the people on the TAP team, so I haven’t included everyone, yet.

Here are some fun facts about us:

ThinkSmart Development Team

Emily Bogin is a book lover and can often be found exploring public spaces around San Francisco. She likes to stop in parks to read (or at least pretend to, while she people-watches). She loves dumplings and Jan Zwicky.

Dillon Knowlton is a Tlaloc fiend and can often be found there, ordering fajitas. After two years, he no longer needs to tell them his order, and he’s very excited about it. Over the past year or so, he’s gotten pretty good at programming in Python and is always interested in learning more about AI.

David O’Connell is our resident tech guru and is a huge foodie (like pretty much everyone else). He recommends Rich Table in Hayes Valley. He says the Brussel Sprouts are great, the bread is “fantabulous,” and the steak had some adjectives that I can’t use here.

Brian Wardell is from Southern California and loves to Rickroll people. He won’t ever give you up, or let you down.

As for me, I’m from the Bay Area, like Emily and Dillon, and when I’m not looking at workflows I like to ride up Hawk’s Hill in the headlands or go eat at new places (I’ll have to try Rich Table). I’ll save the rest of the team for another blog post.

Along with the other members of the team, we have backgrounds in business, philosophy, management, molecular biology, and more, and my co-workers and I have had jobs in infectious disease labs, food trucks, and bars, to name a few. For lunch, some of our go-to’s are Mixt, Bibimbar, and The House, where we order the chicken udon “Paul-style” (you’ll have to order it there to find out what that means). After work, we can often be found at Kell’s or Maritime Wine Bar. We love coconut water and any kind of chocolate.

We like to build workflows too. But as a team we’re much more than that. In addition to answering questions about tagging documents, we’re always happy to talk about where to eat near the Transamerica building or where to get outside in the City.