What are the best strategies for future-proofing your legal technology stack for whatever lies ahead?

Both the Legal Operations community and the Mitratech user base have huge experience across multiple industries, and they’ve learned even more in rising to the challenges of COVID-19.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the insights and best practices they’ve already put to work in managing the sudden pivot to remote staffing, firm and vendor disruptions, and process changes to sustain the continuity of services the rest of the organization rely upon.

Plus, find out which of these practices and tools will help you tomorrow, not just today.   So you can ensure your operations keep driving cross-functional collaboration, outside counsel engagement, knowledge management, and the delivery of legal services in ways that are flexible enough to meet the “new normal” head-on.

You’ll walk away with new, quickly applicable ideas for strategic planning and technology roadmapping for your organization.

Register now • Wednesday, July 15th • 1 PM ET /12:00 PM CT / 10 AM PT

Mitratech Webinar


  • Steven O’Donnell – Head of Product Marketing at Mitratech
  • Brian McGovern – General Manager, Workflow Solutions at Mitratech
  • Jeffrey Marple – Director of Innovation, Corporate Legal at Liberty Mutual Insurance

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