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Manage Risk and Compliance with a More Comprehensive Workplace Health and Safety Management System


Every business needs a safety and health management system, only because every business faces risks on a day-to-day basis.


For some companies, the risk has to do with heavy machinery on industrial worksites. For some business, it has to do with heavy lifting on a warehouse floor. For other companies, it might relate to safe and hygienic food service. Depending on the nature of the business and the industry in which it exists, the risks are different, but they are always present


A quality workplace health and safety management system can help businesses manage their risks, no matter what they are. These systems should be configurable, multi-faceted and feature-rich. Companies shouldn’t have to buy a specific type of WHS management system for their industry or business type. Instead, there should be one program that can be configured and honed to suit the needs of each client.


integrum: Smart, Configurable and Versatile


This vision, of a smart and configurable workplace health and safety management system, is what drove us to create integrum in 1996. We wanted to offer a truly comprehensive system—one that would allow businesses to manage every aspect of risk—quality, health, safety, environment, compliance, etc.—in one place.

Over the years, integrum has become one of the most popular HSE management systems on the planet. More than one million clients use our software in more than 200 different countries. Our clients range from massive Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized enterprises. These clients use integrum to handle everything from incident reporting and workflows to compliance management to health and wellness and beyond.


What makes integrum a one of a kind WHS management system is that fact that our software includes all its many functions by default. We could have easily split integrum into different modules or different software products entirely. Our Controlled Document Management system could have been a standalone program, as could our Training & e-Learning Management system. We could have maximised profit by selling these products separately and making integrum just a safety and health management

Instead, we honoured our clients and our initial vision and built a software program that could be everything to everyone in the QHSE space. As a result, you can access Health & Wellness Management functions in the same software that you use to manage workers compensation claims. You can maintain schedules for the inspections, maintenance and servicing of company equipment and assets in the same program that you use to manage your company’s sustainability programs.


Start Learning our HSE Management System Today


Despite its sheer vastness, integrum is intuitive, user friendly and easy to implement. Configuring the software for your business is a logical process, as is switching from one function to the next. Best of all, you won’t have to learn multiple different software systems for all the various functions that integrum provides. Using our workplace health and safety management system to navigate, manage, and minimise risk in your organisation will maximise your productivity and efficiency.


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published under the Integrum site. After the 2022 Mitratech acquisition, the content was moved to the Mitratech site.