Self-Reporting Risk Assessment


Give HR managers a tool for capturing information about the health status and COVID-19 risk level of employees, especially those working remotely, in order to manage the impact of the virus on their operations and workforce wellness.


  • An automated workflow, including specification of stakeholders and notifications, offered as a pre-built template ready to use out of the box, but is completely customizable by the user.
  • An employee can report to Human Resources if they’ve tested positive for COVID-19, been in contact with persons who have tested positive, or report other risk factors or impacts such as recent travel to a high-risk location, a shutdown of their children’s school, or other items.
  • The workflow can provide a secure, confidential transaction between HR and the employee, or managers or stakeholders can be added at HR’s discretion.
  • Automatic notifications can prompt all participants to act in a timely manner.
  • All participants can consult a real-time view, from within the workflow, of what countries are still affected by the outbreak.
  • A form with embedded business logic asks the employee questions like…
    • What would you like to report?
    • I interacted with someone who had the virus and I will be in self-quarantine for 14 days.
    • I have a family member who is a high risk.
    • I recently traveled to a high-risk country or location.
    • My child’s school has been shut down.
    • Other
  • All questions have options to add comments.
  • Customization allows HR to add to add other questions as they see fit.
  • Once a form is completed, it can be automatically routed to the proper stakeholders/managers for review.


  • HR gains a top-down view of the health/risk status of all employees, regardless of location.
  • Centralized tracking and reporting allows HR to have overview of all workflows in real time.
  • Workflows are automatically archived in the Cloud for secure storage and accessibility for auditing.
  • E-signature integration standardizes secure approvals.


  • Impacts of the outbreak on operations and workforce wellness can be managed and mitigated.
  • >Requests and followups are processed with far greater speed and minimized errors, delays, and costs.
  • Employee morale benefits from a faster, more precise process.