Uncover modern, transformative solutions to elevate legal function and streamline operations at the Consero Corporate Legal Operations Forum.

Join Mitratech for Consero’s multi-day legal forum, covering a blend of active panel discussions and intimate breakout sessions. Take advantage of thoughtfully- incorporated business meetings and engaging down-time opportunities while scoping out next-generation technologies for driving law department efficiency.

In addition to attending Mitratech’s hour-long session alongside Nathan Hill from Gilead, be sure to get in touch with our on-site experts to discuss:
  • Leveraging predictive analytics and in-process data
  • Driving DEI Initiatives 
  • Finding the right-sized legal technology for your needs 
  • Legal spend and cost management 
  • What it takes to build a successful legal ops team
  • Cross-departmental transparency and collaboration 
  • & so much more!

A Glimpse Of The Mitratech Legal Platform

A solution that offers you a complete end-to-end legal platform that is fully integrated with ELM, CLM, and WFA.