Join us virtually at GFMI:18th Edition Model Risk 28-29 Jun 2021

The GFMI 18th Edition Model Risk virtual conference will review the current regulatory environment within MRM before showcasing case studies for financial institutions to overcome challenges with validation of specific models such as vendor models and AML models. Experts will also deliberate the best approaches for model inventory, performance monitoring and the model life cycle within their institutions. The ongoing challenges associated with managing AI and ML models will also be assessed from the perspective of all three lines of defence. Finally, discussions will be had into the advancements with the automation of model risk management to enhance overall processes.

Over the past decade, the cost of running MRM teams has spiralled, therefore creating agility and cost-effectiveness has become crucial. How, then, do you solve the conundrum of an increasing workload in Model and EUC Governance programs without adding to an already spiralling cost? In an environment of increased demands for transparency, the requirement to have timely and accurate evidence of adherence by Management, Audit and Regulators, and the risk of financial loss, fines and reputational damage for those that do not, automation becomes an increasingly essential tool to make your MRM function competitive. Attend this discussion from Mitratech to explore how Mitratech s clients have overcome these challenges.

Session Agenda:

  • Meeting the challenges in building an accurate and complete model and EUC inventory
  • Ensuring the timely evidencing of controls
  • Reporting to Model and EUC stakeholders
  • Practical steps to introducing automation Model and EUC Governance

Key conference topics:

  • Receive an update from the regulators on the current environment and latest developments
  • Overcome the current challenges surrounding implementing AI and ML models
  • Innovate strategies for validating vendor and AML models
  • Enhance performance monitoring and model inventory strategies
  • Optimize automation strategies within MRM