Reduce the risks, costs, and headaches
of staffing your organization

Today, Human Resources professionals want solutions to help them efficiently and intelligently hire the right people, properly train them, optimize productivity, create a culture of ethics, and minimize staffing risk, helping safeguard business continuity.

Mitigating risk and reducing the manual tasks associated with verifying, onboarding, overseeing, and offboarding employees? They’re vital to Human Resources success.

Mitratech supports that success by providing past-proven, future-proofed solutions to meet your every need.  We’ll help you streamline I-9 compliance and immigration management, automate onboarding paperwork and HR requests, draft and communicate important company policies and more, even at global scale.

Some of the ways you’ll benefit?


Remove traditional complexities

Replace manual processes and paper forms for employment verification, immigration management, drafting and distribution of policies and procedures to staff, and others with digital ones.

Deepen organizational alignment

Provide board-level assurance

Show company directors that employees understand their code-of-conduct duties, or that you’re in compliance with ICE mandates.

Regulatory change management

Improve compliance with regulations

Whether for I-9 compliance, immigration management, or employee policies and procedures, boost compliance and automatically retain audit trails for defensibility.

Improved communication

Easily keep employees updated on policies and updates

Replace manual onboarding processes connecting IT, HR, and other departments with efficient digitized workflows; ensure they receive and understand policy updates no matter where they’re located.

Technologies to help your invaluable human assets

Tracker I-9 Compliance

The only I-9 compliance software that maintains a perfect year track record with U.S. government agencies.

TAP Workflow Automation

TAP Workflow Automation

TAP empowers you to automate nearly any repetitive manual process, so you can focus on what’s important: doing the work, not wrestling with workflows.

ImmigrationTracker Icon

Immigration Tracker

The original fully-customizable immigration case management software for the 21st century law firm, offering the most intuitive solution available for organizations requiring full compliance.

PolicyHub icon


Policy management becomes easier than ever before, as intuitive built-in tools ensure policies are efficiently managed and enforced and accurately maintained, distributed, and attested to.

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