Here’s why an I-9 management solution is mission-critical

Today, in an age of increasing government scrutiny of hiring practices, companies face a huge hurdle: the sheer time and effort to get new employees to complete forms correctly, review them for accuracy and completeness, and stay up to date when it comes to the over 1,200 I-9 rules that a staffing team has to stay current on.

Corporations that haven’t paid attention to I-9 management can quickly find themselves in hot water with ICE and other enforcement agencies.  So they need technology solutions to enable smarter, faster, more reliable I-9 management and compliance.


Why do companies need better I-9 management solutions?

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76% of paper I-9 forms have at least one fineable error, 4.1 times higher than electronic 1-9s with verification.

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The average recommended fine for each substantive I-9 error, and a company might make hundreds.

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The chance of a company being audited by ICE within the next decade, based on recent trends.

Mitratech I-9 & IMS solutions

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Tracker I-9

The only I-9 compliance software that maintains a perfect +20-year track record with U.S. government agencies.

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Immigration Tracker

The original fully-customizable immigration case management software for the 21st century law firm, offering the most intuitive solution available for organizations requiring full compliance.

INSZoom IMS Software


The world-leading solution for simplifying global immigration case management and compliance for clients of all sizes.

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