When ethics, risk & compliance management gets smarter, you protect your company

In today’s 24-hour news cycle, as business risks become more complex and challenging, risk and compliance officers need the right technology solutions to gain complete visibility, predictability, and control in protecting their enterprises from ethical lapses, risk, and reputational damage.

Described as a ‘visionary’ in Integrated Risk Management by Gartner, Mitratech answers the call with a suite of products to meet risk and compliance professionals every need, from streamlining and minimizing employee risk, to leveraging analytics to improve compliance and risk functions.

How you’ll benefit?

Save in external legal spend

Proactively avoid noncompliance costs

These can be up to three times more expensive than the costs of compliance.

Securely store and manage legal matters

Automate manual processes

Remove human error and inefficiency that are leaving your company exposed to risk.

single source of truth

Leverage data to provide visibility

Gain insights and oversight you can use to enhance and fine-tune your operations.


Govern your company’s data

Leverage effective recordkeeping, meeting regulators’ stringent demands for data privacy.

Drive visibility, control and even ROI in managing ethics, risk and compliance



Policy management becomes easier than ever before, as intuitive built-in tools ensure policies are efficiently managed and enforced and accurately maintained, distributed, and attested to.



An Enterprise Content Management system for Financial Services that securely captures, stores, and retrieves business-critical data, helping alleviate regulatory pressures.

TAP Workflow Automation

TAP Workflow Automation

TAP empowers you to automate nearly any repetitive manual process, so you can focus on what’s important: doing the work, not wrestling with workflows.



Our most-mentioned advantage? How DataStore can handle enormous amounts of data every hour, every day, automatically.

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