HR Workflow Automation Use Cases

What is HR workflow automation? Human Resources (HR) workflow automation software is a key step for organizations aiming to optimize their HR processes. Human Resources is a department that is dominated by administrative tasks and still largely managed by manual processes. From processing paperwork to communicating with prospective hires to onboarding new employees, there are a number of repetitive tasks that are creating inefficiencies within common HR workflow management.

In process-heavy areas such as HR, automating these drawn-out and repetitive activities can have an incredibly beneficial impact on productivity. With Human Resources workflow automation for processes, HR professionals are finding themselves less burdened by paperwork and more able to focus on high-value tasks.

Human Resources


COVID-19 Tracking Management

Automating your vaccination, testing, and COVID-tracking program has never been easier.


Onsite Visit Request Approval

Manage and assess requests from employees and contractors to access the office for various purposes.


Remote Work Tracker

Review WFH requests, track week-to-week status, and any infectious disease issues precluding their being on...


Request for Business-Critical Travel

Quickly deploy a workflow allowing you to filter and respond to employee travel requests.


Benefits Administration

Human Resources needs a way to gather feedback from employees as to what benefits or perks they would like....


Data Privacy

An organisation must ensure that consent procedures by which employees agree to the retention of their pers...


Hardware & Software Requests

Draft a process for managing requests for hardware or software, and allow those requests and items to be tr...


Claims Reimbursement

Automate employee insurance reimbursement claims forms and processes.


Employee Tax Return Paperwork

Automate workflows for processing employee tax return forms and paperwork.


Vacation / Disability Leave Requests

Develop an automated workflow to manage the process of reviewing vacation or sick leave requests.


New Independent Contractor Agreements

Create a workflow for HR to review and process requests for new independent contractors.


Performance Evaluations

Develop an automated workflow to streamline and improve the employee performance evaluation process.


Employee Offboarding

Draft a workflow used to mass offboard any number of employees, including mass offboardings.


Employee Suggestion Box

Create an online “employee suggestion box” and workflow for reviewing submissions.


Employee Onboarding

Automate and accelerate the process of onboarding new employees.


Telework Requests

Build a workflow to expedite the process of employees applying to work remotely.


Electronic Signatures

Adopt a highly secure yet simple means for digitally indicating consent or approval on a digital document.

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