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3 New User-Driven Features We’ve Added to LegalHold

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Since we released LegalHold, we’ve seen it embraced by legal professionals in need of a simple-to-use legal hold software solution. The best way to maintain that momentum? By working with them to add  features.

Like many other successful software providers, we build any product’s roadmap based on feedback and 共同创新 with our user community.  It was customer input that drove many of the features that were included in LegalHold when we re-launched the product last fall. You can visit the 产品页面 to see them all, but a few in particular that were important to users were…

  • Ease of integration with their existing pertinent platforms, especially Active Directory and HR systems.  This made it quick and simple for them to identify proper custodians by leveraging current employee data.
  • Integration with other Mitratech enterprise legal management (ELM)products, specifically TeamConnect and eCounsel, since these are already being used by a large number of our clients. This permits them to conveniently launch a legal hold from within those applications, rather than app-hopping, as LegalHold forms can be pre-populated with data in the ELM. LegalHold can also integrate with other, non-Mitratech ELM products.
  • Track-and-report on hold responses, as date and time stamps of responses ensure your hold results are auditable and able to stand up to judicial scrutiny.

Evolving legal hold software with fresh features

LegalHold users had a wealth of input for us about new features they’d like to see added to make their legal hold software solution of choice even 更多 effective and efficient. As usual, we included client users in a working group as we stepped through the development process.  Their feedback helped guide us in adding key enhancements to our post-1.0 updates.
Among the new features we’ve added?

1. Silent Custodians

Custodians can now be added to a legal hold but not sent any notifications; this is a feature that’s useful in internal investigations where you don’t want them aware they’re on a legal hold, or where you may not want to disturb certain parties with hold notifications (such as if they’re the CEO).

2. Third Party Acknowledgement

This is useful in situations where a legal department can comply with a legal hold on behalf of somebody else – again, such as the CEO, or somebody who may be on long-term leave.

3. Automatic Departure Notifications

When an employee who is active on legal holds departs the company, the system can generate automatic notifications to a selected set of people and also send a copy to the departing employee’s manager. This email will include all the relevant hold information and the current status of compliance etc. This is a fairly exclusive featureisn’t available in most other legal hold software offerings.

When possible litigation or regulatory investigation looms, it’s crucial to preserve relevant information and avoid any sanctions a court may impose, as any legal expert will point out.  By reducing the launch of a legal hold to four simple steps, a SaaS legal hold software solution helps reduce the costs, inefficiencies, and risks that plague traditional legal hold execution.

With that in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising LegalHold users are vocal about adding new capabilities. They’re the ones most invested in advancing legal hold software to the next level.

And as long as they’ve got good ideas, it’s our job to make those ideas into working reality.