CLOC 2020 Institute
CLOC 2020 Institute

5 Dare-Not-Miss Sessions at CLOC 2020

CLOC Global Institute 2020 has gone virtual this year, as you’d expect.  The “#1 Online Legal Event of the Year,” as they call it, is backing up that claim with a wealth of sessions and content.

Though we like to think we got the online event ball rolling in this year of COVID-19, we’ve got to give props to the CLOC organization for mounting what looks like a truly premier event for legal and Legal Ops professionals.


The very first session kicks the Insitute off in fine fashion by including senior leadership from organizations like EY, Harvard, Orrick, and VMWare. The theme? How legal disruption is actually a positive, an opportunity for change that will result in new ways to design for a new future.  They’ll offer their advice and insights on how attendees and their organizations can lay the groundwork for getting there.

We’re sure it’ll be a great session since it features Jennifer McCarron, Director of Legal Operations and Technology at Netflix, who presented with the Mitratech team at LegalTech earlier this year.

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This roundtable includes 杰夫-马普尔、 Innovation Director — Corporate Legal at Liberty Mutual, always a source of valuable insights.   The hundreds of legal service requests that come into a legal department can be overwhelming, and involve huge (but avoidable) costs in time and cost if Legal lacks the right infrastructure.

Automation is the answer, but what happens once automation has been implemented?  There’s more to it than just the technology, and this panel will address the other crucial factors involved in success.

Making Inclusion & Diversity Happen: Legal Ops as a Critical Enabler

In the eyes of legal industry diversity experts, Legal Ops and its associated technologies can be change agents in the push to increase the representation of women, LGBTQ+ attorneys, lawyers with disabilities, and/or racial and ethnic minorities in legal departments and outside counsel positions.  Accenture Legal has been an example of this, having broadened their own inclusion and diversity program into a set of strategic initiatives aimed at not only changing legal teams, but the sector as a whole.

In this session, they’ll address the importance of setting up governance and strategy as a first step, how to work with outside counsel to enact a program and measure its progress, integration of the Mansfield Rule, 以及更多。

Driving Change – A Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Roundtable Discussion

Another side of the diversity and inclusion trend? Organizations have, of late, been taking positions on social justice issues, and social media has played a part in that.  Companies have been called to task in those channels for missteps or a seeming lack of commitment, so it’s important for them, including their legal departments, to visibly commit to DEI. What are the steps the Legal Ops community can take to support their organizations in that effort, and how can they apply themselves to exerting change for the entire legal ecosystem?


What would a CLOC Global Institute be without Mitratech taking the stage at some point?  We’ve been a proud advocate of CLOC and the Legal Ops community for years.  In 2020 we’re hoping to show the community how it can ensure legal technology is an evergreen, ever-rewarding investment.

CLOC 2020

It’s important to understand that “digital maturity” isn’t a far-off goal; significant expenditures are being made right now in legal tech stacks to build business continuity and produce value well into tomorrow.  So our assembled experts – 乔治-赵他是保德信金融公司的系统开发总监、  Brian McGovern, General Manager of Workflow Solutions at Mitratech, and 尤卡-扎瓦拉斯, Senior Manager of Legal Operations at Electronic Arts – will cover a lot of ground on this topic.  They’ll relate in-depth insights on how you can make sure today’s legal tech investment keeps delivering agility, scalability, and value for a gratifyingly long time.

What technologies should you start with?  Why is it important to “integrate technology with purpose” for your organization?  Those are just some of the areas they’ll touch on.  Bring them your toughest questions during the session, too, on how you can spend wisely today to protect your enterprise well down the road.


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