Employee Onboarding
Employee Onboarding

A True TAP Use Case: Employee Onboarding

An employee’s onboarding experience has a direct effect on the employee’s impression of their company and on their likelihood to stay or leave.

Human Resources transforms new hirees into employees and has an incredible responsibility to create and foster relationships that everyone hopes will last years. Their initial touchpoints set the stage for their employees’ careers.

Yet all too often HR managers struggle to keep up with the increased company and compliance requirements involved in a process like onboarding that includes the checklists, documents, and moving pieces that get out of hand, especially when there are so many.

It’s no surprise that more and more HR departments are refashioning themselves as “People” Departments. The advent of COVID-19 has forced even more change.  HR professionals want to focus on the people that they work with and not the tools and systems that manage their colleagues. But more often than not, HR professionals get lost in the mire of repetitive, manual tasks, anxiously searching and filing important employee paperwork.

The best way to get HR professionals back to the work they enjoy? Automation, especially blended together with systems that track HR benchmarks and metrics,  to keep everything bound together in a single source of truth.

TAP Workflow Automation for Your Enterprise Needs

The flexible, intuitive, no-code solution for business users.

The challenge?

Building an onboarding process that is made up of a single action in which each item on the checklist dominoes forward, checking a box and initiating the causally connected next task across multiple department; allow automation to consume the repetitive, manual tasks so you can work on humanizing your company.

The solution?

A logic-based, automated workflow, created using a best-in-class solution like TAP Workflow Automation, can set new employees up for success while eliminating HR errors and giving HR professionals time to focus on more strategic work. Recruiters and new hires fill out the required information using self-guiding online forms, which is then sent out to different teams for simultaneous workload management.

IT manages setting up systems alongside HR, all with hiring manager oversight. A streamlined workflow can incorporate much more than simple checklists and approvals.  With special features, a well-designed flow can capture opportunities for improvement and encourage new hire feedback as well.

Finally, the right workflow will seamlessly integrate into your I-9 compliance systems and reduce HR effort.

The benefits?

  • A centralized dashboard allows human resource departments to manage the new hire process on time and so that employees are set up on their first day.
  • Seamless integration with Tracker I-9 Compliance gives confidence that the new employees are set up in a I-9 system and a company doesn’t have to worry about audit and fines.
  • An automated process accelerates engagement and participation.
  • It delivers significant time and cost savings and ROI.
  • Audit trails shows that each step is completed successfully
  • Automated notifications and alerts ensure timely participation
  • Feedback loops allow form updates that won’t cancel in-progress records.

The onboarding process is one of the most important touchpoints in an employee’s lifecycle.  Yet it is where one sees the biggest compliance nightmares. However, it’s also where companies see tremendous payoff when handled correctly.

After all, a well-onboarded employee is more likely to enjoy working at and contributing to their company when they feel included in the company culture starting Day 1. With the assistance of automation, new hires will quickly transition into productive work and HR professionals will be able to keep up morale.

Our focus? On your success.

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