A New Case Study: How NetApp Legal Ops Saved Millions With TAP
A New Case Study: How NetApp Legal Ops Saved Millions With TAP

A New Case Study: How NetApp Legal Ops Saved Millions With TAP

Kelli Negro |

NetApp’s Legal Ops team pioneered technology innovation by proving the value of legal workflow automation. For this Fortune 500 company with over 10,000 employees worldwide, the benefits were immediate – and impressive.

Plus, we’re proud to say they did it by adopting TAP Workflow Automation. It was a choice they made after a long and rigorous process of evaluating competing solutions.

Connie Brenton, the Chief of Staff/Director of Legal Operations at NetApp, is a member of the leadership team at the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), an industry group advocating for technological innovation within law firms and legal departments. So she and her team had a huge amount of awareness about what platforms were available, and which legal workflow automation solution would be right for their needs.

Needed: A technology to relieve pain points

The challenges driving NetApp to adopt legal workflow automation are increasingly common to Legal Operations groups inside corporations everywhere. They’re all faced with a wide variety of issues and pain points.

For NetApp, driving greater collaboration and connection, both within a department or firm and with clients and external resources, was one of these. Establishing and reinforcing its branding and identity was another.

Legal services providers like NetApp’s Legal Ops team are also, like most other enterprises, under pressure to be more responsive and agile. Finally, but of vital importance? The mandate to reduce costs even while Legal Ops is tasked with delivering more services, more rapidly, to a large client base, as in NetApp’s case.

How did TAP work out in tackling those needs, according to Connie?

“We rolled out our first use cases, which affected our operations, and discovered this technology is truly unique. It worked so well and was such an easy implementation, we got very little pushback. It’s incredibly intuitive, so there’s very little training required.”

Any tech is only as good as its ROI

It’s all about payback, of course. And NetApp analyzed the ROI it was getting from its legal workflow automation investment from the very start. According to Connie, the results they reaped were both immediate and extremely significant.

“It allows us to create processes that are streamlined, which has helped our company embrace digital transformation. We save, on the average, $70,000 a week from using electronic signatures. That’s equivalent to $3.6 MM a year.

The benefits go beyond just the bottom line, as Connie attests in the Case Study. “All of this has empowered the enterprise, because these are now self-service solutions; we’re training experts to be collaborators and leaders in extending these benefits to other departments. We’ve used it for very simple workflows, like NDAs, and we’ve used it for the most complex. We’ve used this during one of our last RIFs. We’ve also used it in different organizations including finance, sourcing, and sales.”

By uniting the entire Legal Ops “ecosystem” at NetApp, Connie explains, TAP helps internal legal teams, external counsel and other stakeholders to co-create much more effectively.

Moreover, “it allows us to create processes that are streamlined, which has helped our company embrace digital transformation.”

“Not only does workflow automation save time and money, it has changed the way we do business.”

“One of those crazy, life-changing technologies.”

How does Connie Brenton sum up TAP? “TAP is one of the simplest, highest-payback tools in the industry, and it’s the one people in Legal Operations should start with. It’s one of my favorite technologies for advancing the legal industry. It’s so simple, so powerful, it personifies what CLOC stands for.  The minute we started using it, we found it was incredibly easy to implement, inexpensive, and with a high ROI.”

So download the Case Study using the link below, and see what else Connie has to say about TAP and the potential offered by legal workflow automation. “We’re just getting started,” she says, “It’s one of those crazy, life-changing technologies.”

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