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RiskNET Summit 2022 x Mitratech’s Alyne

Javier Gutierrez |

This past October, RiskNET Summit 2022 took place in Rosenheim, Germany and Mitratech’s Alyne was a part of this high-powered event.

This renowned specialist conference on governance, risk management and compliance launched on World Statistics Day. The chosen slogan? Connecting the world with data it can trust.

And that’s just it, in a world in which ‘the truth’ is open for debate, fake news and misinformation proliferate quickly; it is more important than ever before to look at reliable and precise data for effective decision-making.

Furthermore, RiskNET Summit 2022 shines the light on GRC innovation and the importance of understanding the implications that economic and geopolitical events around the globe might have on our organization.

Mitratech’s GRC expert and Head of Sales (DACH), Claudia Howe, was in attendance and delivered a powerful workshop on Mitratech’s Alyne Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities. In this article, we go over her insightful RiskNET SUMMIT 2022 workshop for a closer look into the cutting-edge technology of Alyne.

Claudia Howe at RiskNET Summit 2022 Workshop: Mitratech’s Alyne AI, ML & NLP Capabilities
Claudia Howe at RiskNET Summit 2022 Workshop: Mitratech’s Alyne AI, ML & NLP Capabilities | Picture Source: RiskNET GmbH

RiskNET Summit 2022 Workshop: Mitratech’s Alyne AI, ML & NLP Capabilities

Mitratech’s Alyne workshop was divided into three parts:

Part 1: Alyne’s AI, ML & NLP Capabilities

At this point, the powerful abilities of the platform, in regards to these three innovation pillars, were displayed.

When it comes to AI, ML & NLP, Alyne’s mapping engine, sentiment analysis functionality, duplicate check and evidence summary are strong examples to the abilities of the platform in these spaces.

Furthermore, AI, ML & NLP power many core features that allow the platform to intuitively identify risks, understand and interpret documents and calculate Value-at-Risk, in just minutes.

Part 2: Wish Concert

Here, participants of the workshop listed the expectations they had of AI, ML & NLP capabilities in GRC tools and technology.

Some of the expectations listed by the participants were: flexible graphical evaluations, reporting, exporting capabilities to other tools, multi-customer separation, heat-map and quantitative stochastic analyses (Monte Carlo simulations).

The participants were highly satisfied with the demo of Mitratech’s Alyne and noted that the power of the tool lies in its ability to be tailored to the specific needs of a particular organization.

For static topics, like ICS, the duplicate check functionality is definitely super helpful. For large data sets, the duplicate check could also be used to directly avoid duplicates.

Furthermore, the summary of evidence that Alyne provides is “very strong and powerful”.

Part 3: Feedback

Finally, participants were asked to point out challenges and limitations they found in AI, ML & NLP capabilities within GRC tools.

The specific areas in which they found potential challenges were: high-complexity legal texts, valuable human experience might be missing in the decision-making process and AI migration to other systems.

Mitratech’s Alyne helps organizations rethink their GRC strategy, accelerate their path to resilience and take their business to the next level with powerful technology.
Take a look into Alyne’s technology in the video below:

Take a look at our Brochure: Mitratech’s Alyne – The GRC Platform of the Future aimed to showcase how Mitratech’s technology can help organizations increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance Regulatory Compliance, ESG, Cyber Risk Management and Operational Resilience processes within your organization.

Furthermore, leverage our latest Infographic: Power-Up Your Cyber Risk Management Program, specifically created for risk professionals, for more on Alyne’s unique features and functionality.

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