Discover how Capital One’s Legal Management Group transformed manual processes into workflow superhighways with TAP, Mitratech’s no-code workflow automation solution.

Tasked with discovering, developing, and delivering technologies to continually enhance its law partner’s efficiency, Capital One‘s Legal Management Group sought solutions that could help automate time-consuming processes and optimize output. 

Since launching its first live business workflow in the Fall of 2019, Capital One has leveraged TAP to process over 1,000 conflict waiver requests— an average of about one per day. Uncover how the company has since used TAP to streamline operations, minimize admin lift, and drive productivity to new heights.


Read the case study for in-depth insights into how TAP has helped Capital One:
  • Reduce conflict waiver approval time to 2.6 business days
  • Save 40-50 hours per month on data tracking for commercial bank matters 
  • Kickstart hiring workflow to help legal managers find new associates

Mitratech’s Legal Workflow Automation Use Cases

Explore the workflows that will have the most immediate and productive impact on your Legal Operations.