A Claims Adjuster needs to get approval for the coverage opinion they draft or need additional approvals or material from the staff attorney. Remove the need for inefficient back and forth fact-finding interactions between your claims adjusters and legal.


  • Capture type of request, relevant details, attachments, and comments
  • Conditional logic based on the line of business such as personal or commercial auto, motorcycle, homeowners, renters, or personal liability/umbrella
  • Send to manager for approvals before routing to staff attorney
  • Staff attorney makes recommendations on coverage opinion with ability to add comments or notes regarding their decision


  • Speed time-to-settlement, reducing litigation risk and exposure
  • The workflow can provide a secure, confidential transaction between staff counsel and claims
  • Set up automatic notifications, reminders, escalations to ensure steps move through the process at regular intervals
  • Requests are submitted and processed with far greater speed and minimized errors, delays, and costs
  • Centralized tracking and reporting allow teams to have real-time overview of workflows
  • Real-time visibility into workflows across departments, teams or practice areas allows superior governance