Do Not Sell Request

Under the CCPA, consumers have the right to opt out of the sale of PI to third parties. This workflow makes it easy for consumers to opt out and easy for companies to stay compliant.


Build a public-facing workflow that couldn’t be simpler for the consumer, and keeps your company compliant by tracking, managing, and auditing requests. Each “opt-out” lasts for 12 months, so make sure your workflow can handle automated follow-up notifications at scale.


  • Workflow, including specification of stakeholders and notifications, is completely configurable.
  • Forms can be built in TAP with embedded business logic, dropdown fields and other features, customizable by type of personal information or other specifics.
  • Consumers can access the request from the company site, and their experience is so on brand that they do not realize they are using third party software.
  • Once submitted, requests are automatically routed to proper stakeholders/managers for review.
  • Internal SLAs are built into the form, and after 12 months the requests are automatically reviewed.
  • Approval or denial notifications can be automatically generated and sent to requesters and/or contractors.


  • “Privacy By Design” ensures that companies are compliant without need of additional management or manpower.
  • Diverse teams can complete their due diligence work-streams in parallel, and are also given opportunities for collaboration.
  • Intakes are submitted, processed, and screened with far greater speed and minimized errors, delays and costs.
  • Forms are branded to have the same look and feel as the company website for the best end user experience.
  • Central dashboard provides superior monitoring and governance of all sourcing processes.
  • Automatic centralized archiving of workflow data and assets provides for detailed recordkeeping and review.


  • Mandated responses to potentially large volumes of requests can be done with maximum cost-efficiency.
  • Penalty avoidance: Showing compliance with CCPA not only shows consumers you care; failure to do so can become ruinously expensive.
  • Learn more about CCPA penalties you can avoid at our CCPA Resources FAQ.