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With ClusterSeven Shadow IT Manager, gain control over the hidden spreadsheets and other data assets that put your enterprise at risk.

Complete this form to explore what ClusterSeven can help you do: Discover and manage the hidden, sensitive spreadsheets, applications, and data assets that lie outside of IT’s control – and create risk. Now you can easily and efficiently capture and maintain an inventory of the files your organization relies upon and monitor who’s making changes, helping you meet audit and compliance requirements and prevent problems before they impact your enterprise.

What can ClusterSeven Shadow IT Manager provide?

  • Discover all the spreadsheets and EUCs across your enterprise, allowing you to assess them and understand how they’re connected.
  • Centrally manage your business-critical spreadsheets in a single platform, supporting the complete spreadsheet management lifecycle.
  • Store all your business-critical spreadsheets and other key applications in a single, secure place.
  • Support governance processes for assessing and reducing risk associated with Access databases by applying a database control framework and lifecycle management to them.

ClusterSeven is a unique tool – and the only one of its kind backed by Mitratech’s proven track record of co-innovation and partnership with risk & compliance teams worldwide.


“Mitratech continues to be recognized by its customers as a leader in enterprise legal management. Given its deep industry knowledge and functional competence, Mitratech is well-positioned to continue to help its clients address complex, mission-critical issues and navigate the new normal.”

Ryan O’Leary, Esq., Senior Research Analyst, Legal, Risk, and Compliance Solutions at IDC

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