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Interact 2020 Blog Post Header

Previewing Interact 2020: A Virtual Conference About Community & Continuity

Every year, our Interact conference has earned praise from the audience that matters most: The Mitratech clients who attend.

This year we’re out to outdo ourselves, even if the pandemic has moved Interact online. The theme this year? The Community Driving Business Continuity.  Why did we land on that? For several rock-solid reasons:

To spotlight our client/user community

It’s the best one in the industry, bar none.  Why?  Because they’re the ones who are usually in the vanguard of innovation within their organizations, whether they’re Legal Operations, Risk & Compliance, or Human Resources professionals, or in other roles.  They’re in pursuit of better performance, improved efficiency, augmented agility, and other transformative benefits that the right technology can deliver.

They’re also innovators in terms of how a software product is utilized, too.  So we learn from them, and collaborate with our community in shaping product roadmaps we can be confident will align with real needs, because we’re getting guidance from the best source possible.

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They’re helping their organizations cope with disruption

This year, though, there’s an extra dimension to what our client community has been faced with.  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to make abrupt strategic and operational pivots, and it can quite honestly be an adapt-or-die situation.

By applying agile, flexible technologies and quickly devising solutions to the risks and threats posed by the pandemic, our clients have helped their enterprises sustain business-as-usual within the most frantic context imaginable.  Gilead Sciences and Family Building Society are just two of the examples that spring to mind.

Plus, they’re driving Business Continuity Transformation

By coming up with solutions for the current crisis, and finding new ways to apply technology, the Mitratech community is laying a foundation for dealing with future disruptions.  Instilling proactive resilience that’s one of the features of Business Continuity Transformation™.   What’s BCT, you might ask?

BCT is about applying specific strategies, technologies, and techniques to evolving and expanding an enterprise’s capacity to continue Business-As-Usual during crises and disruptions while optimizing performance during periods of normalcy.

COVID-19 has made it clear that this movement toward resilience and adaptability isn’t an option for most organizations: It’s a necessity, and Mitratech’s clients have been laying the groundwork for it for their companies these past several months by applying their expertise, our technologies and support, and a lot of elbow grease and inspiration to overcome the current crisis. They’ll be sharing what they’ve learned during this year’s conference.

Exploring the pillars of success

As before, we’ll be focused on presenting keynotes, sessions, and one-on-one consultations that revolve around the three essentials that drive any digital transformation initiative:

  • People – We’ll be revealing how our solutions benefit different users and stakeholders within different corporate departments, starting with legal and compliance, whether they’re in the C-suite or responsible for everyday operations.
  • Process – Attendees can deep-dive into how Mitratech clients are using our solutions to support smarter, more efficient processes.
  • Technology – They’ll be able to explore product implementation, integration with other platforms, the evolution toward more integrated and future-proofed tech stacks, and talk with our technical leadership about product roadmaps and whatever other technical matters they’ve got in mind.

A superstar lineup of speakers…

This year has a roster of keynoters, speakers, and presenters that’s even more stellar than last year’s terrific lineup.

Just a sampling?  Attendees will hear from George Grawe, VP & AGC for Allstate Insurance Company, and David Cunningham, CIO at Winston & Strawn and founder of Legal Metrics.  Ryan O’Leary, Senior Research Analyst at IDC, may touch on why IDC named us a “Leader” in not one but two legal tech sectors.  And yet another session will feature Julie Pearl, Former Chair and Co-founder of Tracker Corp, just acquired by Mitratech, and a recognized expert on immigration and employment law.

…and a few surprises, as usual!

Because without a few surprises along the way, would Interact really be Interact?  Have no doubt, we’ll have more than a few of them in store.

So if you’re not registered yet for Interact 2020?  Now’s the time, so you can join your fellow members of the best imaginable community of legal and risk & compliance innovators. Keep an eye on The Mitratech Blog, too, as we’ll have regular updates on what to expect…and some of it will be as unexpected as ever!

In the meantime, let’s just keep this cryptic teaser in mind about what to expect:  “Quarantini, anyone?”


Interact 2020: The Community
Driving Business Continuity

A Virtual Conference • September 22-24