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The COVID-19 pandemic has shown enterprises the world over the significant costs of not being prepared for disruption.

Whether they’re large or of lesser scale, downturns and disasters demand a new approach to business continuity that’s more than simply reactive.

Business Continuity Transformation™ (BCT) from Mitratech is that new approach.  So not only are you prepared for today’s crisis, but you’ve put a flexible foundation in place for whatever else may lie ahead.

Ensure proactive resilience

BCT is about applying specific strategies, technologies, and techniques to evolving and expanding an enterprise’s capacity to continue Business-As-Usual during crises and disruptions while optimizing performance during periods of normalcy.

By installing a BCT framework that not only addresses immediate needs but embeds persistent agility across an enterprise, you can be better prepared for contingency scenarios.  Mitratech has the tools for making BCT a reality for tackling both present-day disruptions and building “proactive resilience” for anticipating future challenges.

A continuity cornerstone? Workflow automation

Where to start in building BCT?  With best-in-class workflow automation that enables your teams to quickly execute new processes where best practices, collaboration, and transparency are already embedded. Plus, you’ll launch them in just days, not weeks or months.  Learn how it transformed operational agility for companies during COVD-19, and what it can do for your enterprise.

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The genie is really out of the bottle, as businesses find remote workforces can be efficient and effective, so more employees will keep working remotely even after the outbreak. The quality of remote collaboration will be central to future success, demanding better platforms and processes.

Paper-based processes have been rendered obsolete, replaced by digitized forms, documents, and processes.  That improves collaboration, especially remotely, while removing the issues and costs created by tracking and storing traditional documents.

Like never before, in-house legal departments will be reviewing and stress-testing the continuity capabilities of outside counsel and Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs); risk and compliance managers will be closely assessing third-party vendors and supply chains for their operational resilience. Do you have the tools to separate the best from the rest?

These will be central, so teams equipped with the right BCT tools will have the flexibility to lead the enterprise in transforming continuity planning and execution so it can respond quickly to the permanent effects of this and future crises.

Managers and other internal stakeholders are already concerned with the effectiveness of outside providers, but technology can measure the productivity of remote versus onsite in-house staff plus other parameters that can drive an optimal utilization mix.

BCT for Risk & Compliance

With Mitratech’s end-to-end Enterprise Compliance Suite and expert support, you’ll be able to implement an ongoing Business Continuity Transformation strategy around risk and compliance management demands:

Effectively track your obligations

When operational processes and practices are in constant and fast-moving change, having a comprehensive, central registry of contractual and regulatory obligations is essential for tracking operational change.

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Ensure changes to operational practices are communicated

Centralized management and auditing of policy and procedure updates, proper review and authorization to ensure obligation adherence, efficient and precise communication to employees, and attestation tracking are essential.

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Eliminate informal or manual processes

Processes that rely on cultural knowledge, paper, and/or email are difficult to adapt during rapid operational changes. Automating them reduces human error and assures auditable compliance and adherence to critical policies and obligations.

Learn to automate risk & compliance processes →

Take control of your mission-critical information

Compliance with information governance and data privacy obligations is at risk when normal operations change. So a secure, central repository for sensitive data assets and a comprehensive inventory of essential (but non-IT) models, tools, calculators, and spreadsheets are both vital.

Learn about data governance and ECM →

BCT for Legal Operations

With Mitratech’s end-to-end legal management and automation solutions, Legal Ops teams can take the steps needed to help enterprises transform their continuity planning and execution so you’re prepared for both immediate demands and for future challenges:

Efficiently manage core legal processes and operations

Gain visibility and control over matters, litigation, legal spend, and other functions no matter where your team sits.  The goal: To create the agility and responsiveness needed for legal processes in the post-pandemic corporation.

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Optimize e-billing

With the eradication of paper-based invoicing processes, ensure invoice processing is accurate and timely. This will not only deliver savings but build trust and credibility throughout your legal ecosystem.

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Master the legal hold process

Gain start-to-finish control of this essential component of litigation, allowing you to cut costs, avoid penalties, and improve outcomes.

Learn why SaaS legal hold management is essential →

Embed best practices throughout the enterprise

Develop optimized processes with built-in legal compliance that can be shared throughout the organization among non-legal units and departments.

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