Making a Quarantini: Get Recipes for Business Continuity at Interact 2020

Recent events may have shaken up enterprises worldwide, but legal, risk, and human resources professionals had already been stirred to action.

That may be mediocre wordplay, but it’s absolutely (Absolut-ly?) true.

Over the past year, and especially since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Mitratech client community has innovated new recipes for business continuity and digital transformation during a period of disruption and mounting risk, when it often seems there’s no clear end in sight.

Their flair for leadership and inventiveness in advancing transformation was evident long before the pandemic. It’s really paid off during these tough times, which made it easy for us to come up with the theme for this year’s conference:  Interact 2020: The Community Driving Business Continuity.

There’s no secret ingredient to the success they’ve had in sustaining their operations.  What have been the ingredients?  A lot of hard work, a willingness to make quick but highly informed, data-driven choices, and the right people, processes, and technologies to enable the agility to put those decisions into action.

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Learn the best ingredients (and how to mix them)

Business Continuity Transformation relies on the right balance of those factors.  The most successful Legal Operations, risk & compliance, law firm, and human resources professionals have understood that balance, and have led by example.

Interact has always been built around giving innovators a platform for sharing their examples and best practices with others in our client/user community.  Our daily keynotes and an extensive schedule of sessions and panels are focused on energetically tackling the challenges of maintaining current continuity and preparing for the future.

Just of what’s on tap on Day One alone?

  • George Grawe, SVP & AGC at Allstate, will share the state with our CEO, Mike Williams, as they look at the past, present, and future of Legal Operations innovation and strategies for success.
  • David Cunningham, CIO of one of the world’s premier law firms, Winston & Strawn, and founder of Legal Metrics will address the extremely urgent topic of legal and law firm diversity.
  • Julie Pearl, one of the nation’s top 20 immigration and employment attorneys and co-founder of our recent acquisition, Tracker Corp,  will discuss the future of global staffing and protecting remote workforces.

After hearing and sharing all that in-depth insight? Attendees are invited to kick back during a virtual happy hour, where they’ll be able to raise a glass in honor of their colleagues and themselves.  Our recommended drink for that toast?  The “quarantini,” of course.

Just like a proper cocktail? A longstanding conference like Interact depends on a balance of great ingredients. What’s the mixology that’s gone into this year’s gathering?

This year’s recipe:

Step One: Assemble the best user community in legal, risk & compliance, and HR for a unique virtual community conference that’s also free of charge and open to even non-users who are interested.

Step Two: Mix in renowned industry pioneers with blue-chip track records in legal and compliance tech adoption and innovation to speak, present, and answer questions.

Step Three: Add liberal amounts of in-depth product training and co-innovation idea-sharing opportunities featuring Mitratech leaders, product experts, and actual users.

Step Four: Garnish a quarantini with olives and raise as a toast during our online Happy Hour, as we celebrate the accomplishments of the Mitratech community. Cheers!

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